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PubCon 2007 – one more week…

PubCon 2007 is just around the corner – I´m flying to Las Vegas on saturday… I´m sooo excited again (altough I´ve been to vegas about 3 month this year!!). But PubCon is gonna be a blast again! I´m especially looking forward to the SEO Poker Tournament at the Venetian – great idea! To get you guys in the mood, here´s the PubCon Video, I shot at last years PubCon – I know, most of you guys already know it, but it´s always worth watching it, if you´re still deciding of joining us last minute :-)

Furthermore I want to say a quick thanks to a couple of guys – Thanksgiving is really not a big thing in germany, so I guess it´s ok, that I kinda do my own little quick thanksgiving :-)
Thanks to Jens of Eventim for the great tickets for Witzigmann´s Bajazzo! Thanks to affiliate-management godess Inga of Jochen Schweitzer for the great present for my dad´s 60th birthday! Thanks to Axel of for the T-Shirts, although they are in extra large, so I gotta give them to the mighty XMan
Oh, and thanks to the IronSEO for a quick favor a couple of weeks ago, and BadyCom for a cool comment on my blog! I actually stumbled upon his awesome site with funshirts for fans of horse-riding -> (what a strange strange name for a site… :-) ) – if you ever wanna sponsor some shirts for our horse-races next year gimme a call!
And while I´m at it, linking to all sorts of people, here´s one more tip -> check out Bosko´s awesome soulvenir Blog – great stuff! Did I forget someone… ? :-)

4 Comments on "PubCon 2007 – one more week…"

  1. phil sagt:

    Turniertrottel= Stallbursche
    Greats from Primo Vero

  2. Purposeinc sagt:

    Hey! In case any of your readers tried to sign up after we sold out, I was just able to release some more seats.

    By the way, where was the photo taken with you and the 20 girls in underwear?


  3. mediadonis sagt:

    I actually did that picutre as a celebration for Pepperjams introduction into the inc500 list. It was taken at an event I was dancing with those girls here in munich.
    See ya at pubcon!!

  4. Alex sagt:

    Hey Buddy! Wanna win back your money? Just let me know. I would be up for a quick poker game on tuesday or wednesday evening. I will be staying at the Wynn – so don’t forget your pokerface in germany.

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