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Pepperplex Tour

Since tonights Show of Webmasters on the Roof will be live from the Pepperplex in beautiful Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, I thought I give you guys a little impression. So I walked a little through the office, and talked with some of the pepperjammers… It´s really by far the coolest working enviroment I´ve ever been in, and I just love this place! No wonder, why these guys & girls are the best online marketing company in the U.S.!
Well, judge yourself…

For the better full – 306 MB Version of the Video go to Google Video – definetly better!

2 Comments on "Pepperplex Tour"

  1. It seems like we have a challenge here. Did I hear correctly or did the Pepper’s trash-talk about how good they are at ping pong and like to bet anything we want that they beat the Germans?

    You were right, Germans kick ass in ping pong. Wold class, pretty much right after the Chinese or so. My mom was junior east German ping pong champion and transferred some of that juice over to me with her genes, although I had to learn ping-pong myself and found out about my mom’s skill when I thought that I kick ass in it. Well, can’t beat mom. Anyhow, it’s more than enough for the Yanks. hehe.

    p.s. and the number of pretty girls in the Pepperplex is unreal and skewed. It’s like with the beautiful girls at Santa Monica or Venice Beach on TV… not real hehe.

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