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Party till you drop

Pepperjam, and Vintage Tub & Bath hosted the great Who´s Who in online marketing dinner over at the awesome Manhattan Penthouse again – nice! I really had a cool time, and the food was great! Thanks Kris & Dick for the invitation! Like every Vintage Tub Party, there was the big battle of the searchengines with Google, Yahoo and Microsoft fighting for the title of the most acurate searchengine. This time, they had to compete in basketball – so guess who won 🙂

But definetly one of the coolest things was, that I met Chuck the SEO Rapper m0serious (you probably remember his awesome paid search 101 rap) – what a great dude! I actually did a little SEO rap battle with him later on at the BOTW Charity Party at BlackFinn. I´m uploading the video at the moment, so stay tuned…

SES New York 2008 Pic 5

SES New York 2008 Pic 7
Kris Jones, Lee Oden, Neil, me and Mrs. Pepper

SES New York 2008 Pic 8
Neil and I heads up Dance Dance Revolution Battle

SES New York 2008 Pic 6

Over at the BotW Party – Rob´s not looking good 🙂

SES New York 2008 Pic 4

The party was so excessive, that Godfather of Search Danny Sullivan put on a BotW Tanktop, and danced on the table (just take a look at the picture if you don´t believe me… 🙂 …)

SES New York 2008 Pic 3

Lee got some more pictures – check em out

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