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Partied like Rockstars!

OMG… I think it´s safe to say, that we blew the Webmasters on the Roof Hörertreffen totally through the roof yesterday… I really had the time of my life! Thanks so much to everybody who joined us yesterday at 089bar to set the roof on fire! And a real special thanks to the people over at Everest Poker, who just flat out rock 🙂

Rumor has it, that the Wulf the bouncer had to carry over 10 people (!) into a cab! 3 even fell down the stairs, and one would have gotten beat up for lousy behaviour, if he wouldn´t have been with us… way to rock hard 🙂

Pictures and Video will be up soon – no worries!

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anywhere else? Ping me!

But there´s no rest for the wicked ones today… the DLD conference starts today at 2!

I will be twittering live from DLD, so follow me