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One Team to Rule them All

Niels DörjeMost of you guys probably already heard it -> as of today me and my good friend Niels Dörje are joining forces, and will be consulting companies together as a team -> Tandler Doerje Partner

If you don´t know Niels, you´ve been probably hiding under a rock the last couple of years 🙂
Niels just quit at Google, where he worked for the last 4 years. He was Strategic Partner Development Manager Media & Publishing and Content for the EMEA region, which is a pretty long job-title, but basically means, that he was responsible for most of the Universal Search stuff going on at Google for quite a lot of countries.

Before that he was Managing Director International for Affilinet, Business Development Manager International & Search Guru at Scout24, and just before that he was the International Marketing Director at MediaMarkt & Saturn. Pretty long resumée & quite impressive what this guy had to go through before settling with me to do kick-ass search consulting 🙂

I´m extremly happy to have finally dragged him to the other side of the table, especially since he´s the perfect fit for my business! I´ve been consulting SEO and SMO, but always had to pass, when it came to the universal search aspects of the game. But Google News for example has been totally taking off, and is still leaving a lot question marks in the faces of most the publishing pundits – so Niels is the perfect addition, and will provide excellent advice for all Universal Search aspects as well as Licencing & Syndication of content.

I really couldn´t be happier! I´m so proud to be finally united again with the guy, who dragged me to Scout24 back in the days (which definetly kickstarted my SEO career)… Welcome to the Force kid 🙂

Niels Dörje & Marcus Tandler