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One team to rule them all

You´ve probably already heard it (well, the NY Times (!) broke the news…), but I wanna blog it really quick anyways -> my buddys Chris & Danielle Winfield (and their company 10e20), Brent Csutoras, Dave Snyder and Loren Baker (you probably know & read his Search Engine Journal) teamed up with Utah SEO pro Jordan and Tony Wang, and are now BlueGlass!

Blueglass Team

It´s actually pretty scary, since these guys are really the cream of the crop in online marketing! I´m just happy, they can´t speak german, and won´t do any business over here, cause me & Niels would probably be out of business soon, with these online marketing pundits rockin´ the SERPs 🙂

I really don´t just say that, because Brent is one of my best friends in this industry (and beyond that), I just know what these guys can do individually, and it´s really scary, what they will be able to accomplish as a team! Brent is by far the best and most powerful SMO out there, Chris is just crazy good with Social Media & Online PR (did I mention the NY Times breaking the news LOL 🙂 …), and Dave & Loren (who worked together as Search & Social) as well as Jordan definetly got some sick SEO skillz 🙂

I wish you guys nothing but the best and a great start! Go BlueGlass!

Oh, and seriously -> stay out of germany LOL 🙂