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No Words…

I´m still totally overwhelmed about SEOktoberfest – it was by far the best event I´ve ever attended, and the incredible amount of new input will probably keep on dazzlin´ my mind for the next couple of days. No worries, pictures and the famous “SEOktoberfest Movie”, as well as a more detailed recap will be online soon, but right now I just don´t find any words, that could describe what I´m feeling right now!

Oh well, there are actually 2 words, who might get the job done -> THANK YOU

Thank you so much, to everyone who´s been attending SEOktoberfest! Every single one of you – Experts, Attendees, Playmates, Walk-ons, Friends & Family Dinner-Guests – turned SEOktoberfest into three of the best days of my life! Thank you!

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  1. Uwe sagt:

    You are so right.

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