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No sleep till Brooklyn…

I had a rough night yesterday – getting into New York at about 6pm, and driving directly to the party at Town Tavern, sponsored by my good friends from Best of the Web and Text Link Ads. And what a great party it was – damn… 🙂
I just remembered driving home in a cab totally hammered at about 6 o´clock german time… and that´s exactly how I felt this morning!
But no time to rest – tonight is the big party from Pepperjam, with Limo-Service from the hotel for hardcore alcoholics like me 🙂
Btw. Pepperjams very own Kris and Mike will be guest at tomorrows Webmasters on the Roof LIVE Show from the SES Expo Hall – you don´t wanna miss out on that!

But oh well – I´ve actually been to a session today – the „Ads In A Quality Score World“, which was actually pretty good. Especially if you´re a hardcore SEO like myself, who just startet the PPC game a few month ago (who needs paid traffic when there´s free organic stuff lying around?…). I mean, „Quality Score“ – there was a time, when I thought that´s an expression, when you picked up a great looking girl at a party … 🙂

But I want to share the most interesting thing I picked up at the session. Nick Fox, the Group Business Product Manager for Ads Quality at Google, confirmed, that there are actually 2 different Quality Scores. There´s one, which determines wether or not your ad gets shown, and what you got to pay for it, and the other one determining your AdRank. And the landing-page only matters for the first one. That was pretty new to me.

2 Comments on "No sleep till Brooklyn…"

  1. shandyking sagt:

    Hmmm, interesting!

  2. Sebastian sagt:

    I was pretty hammered as well. Maybe because I was hanging out with the Austrian and German SEO crew. By the way..tom. is Champions League! Shoot me an email if you are sober and ready to watch Milans loss of the year.

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