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No Shirt, No Shoes, No Salvation!

A couple of things before I head out to the pool…

Mister Wong falls in love with the Mediadonis just entered the Mister Wong Blogcharts on position Nr. 4 – whoa! Hat tip to Lennart, the God of AdWords, Paulsen coming in position nr.6!

Next stop after the WSOP? PokerNight! is hosting the PokerNight in 4 german cities, with a big final held in munich. Sure thing I registered for the qualifier in munich on the 21st of september! Since both me and FridayNite are a little bit more serious about poker, we came up with the idea to put a bounty on our heads! We haven´t decided about a price yet, but if you kick either me or Friday- the only SEO with an age bonus -Nite out of the tournament, you´ll receive a special price!

I don´t play with dolls!
Another hat tip goes to Cassandra of for finding out, that little Eve was portraying me here – great job 🙂

Going crazy?
I´m on Sphinn now (how the hell do you pronounce that…?? btw. „spinnen“ means „being crazy“ in german…) – come on and be my friend (or stalk me… :-))

Link of the Day
And the link of the day goes to 15 unfortunatly placed ads – thanks for the great collection, I spilled coffee all over my keyword laughing so hard!