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New Ad Placements at Google?

I just stumpled upon a new kind of ad placement on google. I almost didn´t notice it, but when I looked twice, I noticed the little box surrounding the ad on the right side.
I don´t know, if this is any news at all, and I´m not even sure, if it´s a new kind of placement – maybe it just appears, when there is exactly this type on constellation of 3 top-ads and one ad left alone on the side?! … feel free to speculate :-)

New Ad Placement

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4 Comments on "New Ad Placements at Google?"

  1. Tim sagt:

    Its just because of the constellation of 3 ads on top and one on the right side.

  2. Jojo sagt:

    I´ve seen that in the past and think it´s only a little bug.

  3. Paul Irish sagt:

    your stickam is in the way… :)

  4. bigwavedave sagt:

    As of today, this seems to have become a new standard. The right-hand column ads have moved up next to the T1-T3 positions. This is for both constallations with 2 or 3 top position ads.

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