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My Top7 Google swag

I love sway, and especially from my favourite company in the whole wide world – Google!
Let´s give you a rundown of which Google Merchandise I like the most:

1. The Google Refrigerator
Google Kühlschrank
All I keep in there is a can of Spam (as seen on, but it´s by far the best merchandise I ever got from google! This little refrigerator just rocks big time!

2. My Google Phone
Google Phone
People always wonder what this thing is, and I keep joking it´s my direkt line to Matt Cutts, but it´s acutally a pretty cool VoIP phone. But to be honest, I wondered if this thing has been bugged before I got it – cause occasionally, when I talk about spammy URLs on that phone, 2 hours later they´re gone from the index 🙂

3. The Google Bag
Google Bag
This is actually the only bag I use at the moment. It got a great storage compartment for my MacBookPro!

4. The Google Sportsbag
Google Sporttasche
Even if I go to the gym (so without my laptop), Google´s always there, with my great red google sportsbag!

5. The Google paper latern
Google Lampion
I totally love this paper latern with the Google Earth on it – great idea!

6. My Google coffee-mug
Google Tasse
The first thing I use in the morning zipping my coffee – wouldn´t survive without it!

7. Mysterious Google Ball
Google Ball
It doesn´t have a real use, but it just looks plain cool – it changes colors every few seconds, and gives my workspace a mysterious touch… would have been a great place for google to install a little spy-camera 🙂

I spare you the pictures of the various Google T-Shirts I got, cause I got about 7 different ones… But I sure like them just as much as all the other swag above! I love you Google!