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My SEO Toolbox

The last session of the SearchEngineStrategies 2009 conference in New York just ended („Black Hat PPC“ – nice session!), and I wanna do a quick wrap-up…

I really had a great time (like always) – quite some cool people from germany were along for the ride (and helped me out at our LIVE from New York show!), there was good food (Spice Market is definetly on my fav list now!), fun parties (IM Charity Party was loads of fun!) and a lot of interesting conversations going on. Especially Twitter has been about everywhere, and I predict, that some presenters will soon credit that fact, with slides, that contain no more then 140 letters for easy tweeting 🙂

The two panels I spoke on where really cool, and since we didn´t have formal presentations at the „SEO: Where to next“ session, I uploaded the presentation I had today on „SEO: Tools of the Trade. My SEO Toolbox“ for everyone, that didn´t make it out to the Big Apple…

Since my buddy Todd and Bruce covered mostly free tools, and Sharad Verma (the Senior Product Manager of Yahoo! SiteExplorer) showed more in-depth stuff on SiteExplorer, I focused on three tools, that unfortunatly aren´t free, but well worth a closer look!
(Horst of SearchMetrics gave a great general overview on SEO Tools by the way!)

Btw. I had 12 minutes for my presentation, which is slightly less then I normally have 🙂 … so don´t wonder, why I hurry through these tools a bit, and don´t go that much into detail.

So, here´s the presentation – have fun:

As you can see, I switched from MS PowerPoint to Apple Keynote, which just kicks ass! Thanks again to Infect09, where I first saw it in heavy action, and Simon for telling me about it!