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My new business cards

Just listened to StrikePoint
Since everybody (I mentioned Shawn before) is bitching about getting searched at the airport because of my new ass-kicking and cutting-throats new business cards I decided to get some new ones for the upcoming WebmasterWorld in Las Vegas. But I can´t decide on which card to get:

Throwing Star Business Card

Model: Throwing Star Business Card

Handgranade Business Card Model: Handgranade Replika Business Card

Have fun at the airport with those babies :-)

2 Comments on "My new business cards"

  1. shandyking sagt:

    No need to be so extreme with your business cards. I think with all that’s going on with the fluid scare all you need to customize shampoo and toothpaste.

  2. mediadonis sagt:

    Yes, that´s be kindda nice – Shampoo-Businesscards. If you don´t like me anymore, you can at least wash your hair with it! :-)

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