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My name is Earl

I actually didn´t wanna blog any pictures of my assistance at Münchner Tafel within the scope of my SEOs for Charity project, since it´s not meant to be a PR stunt, and I also don´t want to expose anyone in need. But I got some great pictures out of it, where there´s just staff, so I guess it´s alright to give you guys a little peak at what I did last week.

It has actually been one of the hardest weeks for me, working hands-on (and not just on a computer keyword) from 6.30 till late in the evening, carrying boxes and stuff makes you be thankful about your real day job! But it has really been one of the most rewarding experiences I ever had, and so I decided to not let it stop here! I´m now an official volunteer, and will be working every once in a while (right now I´m planning on working one day every 2 weeks, just depending on my travel-scedule)! I also donated 2.000 euros to the Münchner Tafel, since I know the money´s really going right where people need it!

I know, some of you guys will say, that you´d love to do something like this too, but you´re just too busy or whatever… I made the same excuses (and to be honest, it was really hard, coming home after such a hard day, and still be sitting in front of your computer for a couple of hours!) – but in the end, you can come up with lots of excuses, but you can also just get your but up 🙂 … It´s really worth it!
… and you´ll probably love it just like I did!

Münchner Tafel Pic 1
My driver Reiner and me – and yes, on friday I was in charge of giving out candy & chocolate – you can tell I was the most popular that day (especially since I was standing right after the vegetable section … 🙂 …)

Münchner Tafel Pic 2
Münchner Tafel Pic 3
Münchner Tafel Pic 4
Münchner Tafel Pic 5
Did you know – the Münchner Tafel helps about 16.000 people every week! Still not enough…

Münchner Tafel Pic 6

Uh, and don´t forget about me being in Darmstadt tomorrow -> that will be a fun event! See ya tomorrow!