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My 2nd marathon – run Forest, run!

MarathonYesterday I ran the Munich Marathon again – what a blast! Unfortunatly on friday I came down with a cold, leaving me kinda groggy yesterday – not the best conditions to run a marathon…
Especially since I wasn´t that fit anyways, due to my 2-month stay in the U.S. and 2 weeks of oktoberfest 🙂
But who cares – quitting is for PPC-people, SEOs don´t quit 🙂

But I said good bye to my initial goal getting under 4 hours this year… Last year I needed 4 hours and 17 minutes – this year 4 hours and 20 minutes (with 1:55 for the half-marathon) – so no need to be disappointed… My only goal was to always run and never walk – and that I achieved, despite my lousy condition 🙂

Btw. talking of marathon – congratulations to Shoemoney´s wife J for completing her first ever marathon!!