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More beer is here

The Postman just brought me a huge package, and to my surprise it was 10 bottles of all kinds of beers (even an EroticBeer… :-))! Take a look:


Since I was complaining during our last show of Webmasters on the Roof, that our silent guests from nonstopConsulting didn´t bring us any beer, and therefore leaving us dry and sober for a change, the LandbierDealer to the rescue, sent this awesome package of assorted beers to get us drunk again for the next show – great idea! 🙂

And apparently great offline-linkbait, too – since FridayNite apparently got the same package, he will probably get a nice honorable mention in tomorrows show as well (and yes, a backlink too :-))

No, this shall not be a call for sending us beer -> because, what would Matt Cutts say about this? With all the discussion going on about paid links, I´d probably jeopardize my blog´s linklove, giving away free links in exchange for beer! 🙂
I don´t know if this kinda deal is covered in the Google Webmaster Guidelines…

3 Comments on "More beer is here"

  1. Horst sagt:

    Dann wünsch ich mal viel Freude damit. Und um Missverständnissen vorzubeugen: Ich bin nicht der Landbierdealer, ich hab nur dessen Dienste benutzt. 😎

  2. Sven sagt:

    Also ein Schlenkerla haettest du auch von mir haben koennen…
    Wenn ihr echt so einen Bedarf an gutem Bier habt, kann ich ja mal fraenkische Schmankerl mitbringen.

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