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Merry Christmas from me & the 9 Slutty Santas

It´s almost like a tradition – last year me and the 8 Sexy Santas wished all you guys a merry christmas, so this year, it´s me and the 9 Slutty Santas 🙂

Slutty Santas
(Click here for a larger version)

It was actually taken at my last GoGoDance Performance ever last month at the 10 years anniversary of Munich´s club Nachtgalerie. That´s where I kinda started out almost 9 years ago, so when GoGoClaudia to come back from retirement for one final performance, I immediatly said yes! I should have thought that through, since I really wasn´t in any shape to shake my body anywhere… but thanks to my excessive marathon training and 6 days of working out a week (!) I got into shape again… A shape I intent to ruin again over the holidays 🙂

Here are two more pictures from that night.

So happy holidays to you all, and have a great start into a successful year 2010 – the battle Google vs. SEOs will be raging on, and it´s gonna get wild 🙂