Marcus Tandler | Mediadonis | Just another Online-Marketing Superhero reloaded

As you can probably see, I did a „little“ redesign on my blog (unless of course, you´re reading me via an RSS reader…).
I actually planned to do that a long time ago, but never really had the time to do it – I don´t know why I did it today, since I got quite some other stuff to do… I just started, and couldn´t stop 🙂

I moved the Stickam Player for the live webcam chat during our Webmaster on the Roof shows to the Webmasters on the Roof Homepage, where it should be anyways (although I always had a nice chunk of traffic coming to my site on tuesdays, since everybody had to login over my site :-))

I also finally included a contact form! Up until now, I didn´t even publish my eMail-adress on here, and people where mailing me on various eMail adresses they found around the web (of which some might not be that current anymore…). So if you want to get in touch with me, just shoot me a mail via the contact form!

How do you like my new design? I´d love to hear some comments and critizism 🙂