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Mediadonis´ rollin with a new & heavenly entourage

Finally some more pics from my trip…
I actually had no internet in rome for 4 days, which was a pretty rough time for me 🙂
I just hate it, when I can´t check my eMails really quick, and see if somethings on fire somewhere (like this rollbacked Halloween Update, which I completly missed out on…)
Furthermore my luggage got lost in vienna, so I had to return to munich empty handed, with an overflowing eMail-account and a still pretty intense jetlag…

But Tokyo was really worth every single bit of jetlag
Tokyo New Pics Pic 1

Where else in the world, do you see Stormtroopers patroling in a jeep?
Tokyo New Pics Pic 2

I had to look twice too – it were real stormtroopers 🙂
Tokyo New Pics Pic 3

You can check out all my Pics from Tokyo on FlickR

Rom was also pretty great. I had been to Rome before, but it´s a whole different ballgame if you´re going there with your best friends 🙂

The baptism of little Lena Theresa Bavaria was also really great! Since there´s never been a baptism in the Pantheon before, we felt pretty special as you can imagine. But little Lena can feel a little more special, since she got a personal blessing from the pope itself! How cool is that? Way to start your life on earth!
I´m really not kidding you – Don Antonio, who is the „Master of the House“ at the Pantheon, and who baptised Lena, is rolling in the pope´s entourage, and got her that special gift! Whoa!
Unfortunatly we didn´t meet the pope, since that would have been only possible this wednesday… I´d love to blog a „Mediadonis and the Pope“ picture (just like the one with Gorbatschow), but not this time…
We still saw the pope though at the vatican, right in front of St.Peter´s, on his sunday blessings (here´s the video).

So here´s the Pantheon:
Rom Pic 1

Little Lena with her proud parents Miss October Anna & the mighty EveningMaster „Disco Franjo“ Philip, Don Antonio and her godfather Daniel
Rom Pic 2

And here´s my new entourage ->
Rom Pic 3
(mmmhh… that picture actually reminds me of another picture… 🙂 …)

All the pictures from Rome are again to be found on FlickR