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Mediadonis 3.0

Forget Web2.0, it´s Mediadonis3.0!
Thanks for all the nice calls, text-messages and eMails I received – i had quiet a lot to do this morning answering every one of those :-)

Right now, I´m waiting for Bob – SEOBrains – Rains to arrive here in Vegas, to get drunk & stupid with me! I haven´t been partying a lot over here yet, being so busy playing poker – so I´m really looking forward to party a little in the city of sins!

6 Comments on "Mediadonis 3.0"

  1. Nils sagt:

    Happy Birthday!! Keep on rocking, spamming etc. :)

  2. MBDealer sagt:

    Hi Mediadonis,

    alles gute zum Geburtstag und feier schön aber nicht zu doll, will ja schließlich am Dienstag wieder eure Sendung hören ;)


    MBDealer (Rafael)

  3. Sven sagt:

    Alles Gute!

  4. computhomas sagt:


    I patched myself to 3.0 earlier this month. Unfortunately I did not have the possibility to party in Vegas :)

    Have fun!

  5. schmidt sagt:

    Ich komme wie immer zu spät zur Party :)

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