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Man on the Moon

Tonight I´ve been invited to the spectacular PokerStars Supernova Party on top of the Palms at Moon. And besides all of the great Team PokerStars Players, look who I also met there…

Shannon Elisabeth
Shannon Elisabeth (Remember American Pie?…)

Kinda hard appreciating the fabulous view, when you chat with Shannon 🙂
But take a look at the amazing view

View from Moon

I even made a little video, doing a short panning shot

7 Comments on "Man on the Moon"

  1. SENSEO sagt:

    OMG! its Nadia! 🙂

  2. That looks like the Ghostbar in the back! Darn ……I am jealous. I had such a good time there last year at the M$ bowling party.


  3. blackhat sagt:

    you still running around telling the peeps that you’re big into german blackhat? ha?

  4. Balboa sagt:

    Hrr, American Pie 😉 *Media du geiles Stück ^^*

  5. AffiliateBob sagt:

    DAMN YOU MARKUS! Pics with Shannon is the last straw. I’m leaving Everest and joining PokerStars tomorrow.

  6. Poker Freak sagt:

    Hübsches Mädel ….. Markus – bring Sie doch mit nach Deutschland 😉

    Viel Erfolg in Las Vegas!

  7. awm-central sagt:

    [memorable Quotes]

    Jim: Nadia, please don’t take this the wrong way – You are everything I… used to want in a woman, and as much as I’m really… really going to regret this, I think I need to be with someone else.

    Nadia: You… you want the band geek?

    Jim: Nadia, I *am* a band geek. I just never joined the band.


    Da finden sich doch viele von uns wieder, in dem Text, ooooder?

    …ahh FUCK! What a hottie!! Obwohl die ja schon so um die 35 sein müsste? MILF-Hottie dann eben 🙂 Meinen Neid hast du…

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