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Last time, I was back from the cold, this time I´m back from the sun (what´s up with the crappy weather over here in germany at the moment…?)!

AIDA Vodafone SuperAffilate Event Pic 1

Vodafone and Quisma invited 16 (?) of their SuperAffiliates onto a 4-day cruise on the famous AIDA – what a blast!! Vodafone freaking rocks my socks – just 3 month ago they invited us to Lappland, and now a cruise on the AIDA – that´s what I call AWESOME affiliate management!!
(a few might wonder, why a guy like me, who´s just doing shady, and obviously „illegal“ blackhat stuff is still welcome at an event like this… oh well, seems like it´s always better to know all the facts, instead of just doing wild guesses… but that´s just my 2 cents… 🙂 …)

We boarded the AIDA at Palma de Mallorca and first drove to Alicante and then to Valencia, before coming back to Palma this morning to fly back home. And I tell you -> it´s was freaking hot! Lying in the sun, getting a nice tan for the first time this year was just so cool (coming back home to this rainy shit sure sucked a little…). And what happens when you put 16 young and party-hungry SuperAffiliates onto a cruise ship -> Party all day! There´s actually a few stories, I´m not allowed to blog here, but let me just tell you some „rumors“… 🙂

– According to the AIDA staff, on the first night, the tab in the AIDA nightclub was higher then any other guest ever (!) had! This actually complements the rumor, that there was no single bottle of Dom Pérignon left on the ship this morning 🙂

– There was somebody mixing up the doors of his cabin, and of his bathroom – which might not sound that spectacular, but if you mix in the door falling close, and this peticular somebody sleeping naked – you might get the picture, why this rumor is especially delicate 🙂

– One Affiliate was rumored to sleep in front of the reception desk on his blood-stained shirt

– Bathroom Pogo-Dancing to Nirvana´s Smells like teen spirit can get messy!

– Poker players, who haven´t even graduated from high-school, and who are also part of a gay-cruise can take all of someone´s money in less then 5 hands

It was really a great trip! I can´t recall having had so much fun in the last couple of month! Thank you so much Vodafone for this great event!! And thanks to everybody, who was there – you guys just rock! Every single one of you!

A special thanks goes out to Andreas Schubert of Vodafone, who´s really one of the best in this whole industry! Check out their great Affiliate Program, earn a (as I like to say) shitload of money with it, and be a part of the next event! Don´t miss out!

AIDA Vodafone SuperAffilate Event Pic 2
Andreas, me, and Nina of Quisma on the beautiful coast of Valencia

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