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Make peace not war!

As some of you know, I went to Dornbirn / Austria last thursday, to attend the Jochen Schweizer Paintball Event – what a f***ing blast!
I haven´t played paintball in quite a while (and it was actually called “gotcha”, which seems to be quite different… ?!), and I seemed to forgot how much a little plastic ball can hurt, when it gets blasted into your direction at about 220 mph :-)

Thanks to the Jochen Schweizer Marketing Crew, and especially to Inga for the invitation and amazing job organizing the event! These guys really know how to stage an event! (hat tip to the Daltons, who run the venue!)

I actually didn´t shoot any pictures, but you can find some over at Inga. More coverage? Try Henning, Monti-Man (don´t forget to visit his Montessori Shop…), Princess Lilifee, Nils, or Stefan (great to got to know you, although you blogged pictures about my secret to seo success… :-) )… the only one, that seems to have not blogged about it yet, is Markus… ?!

And here´s a picture of me I found over at Monti-Man ->

6 Comments on "Make peace not war!"

  1. skuub sagt:

    Since I did not see you at the JS Office – wanted to say thank you for letting me “marking” you ;) XXL Video will be ready in a couple of days.

  2. Black Friday sagt:

    Hey Marcus, we did yesterday our Bungee suicide. Next time i will see u there ;-)

  3. Uwe sagt:

    Gotcha oder auch Paintball ist genial. War auch nach München eingeladen vom netten Jochen Schweizer Team aber mal eben für etwas Spaß von Hamburg nach München wäre dann doch zu viel des Guten. Habe gefragt, ob sie es das nächste mal nicht etwas zentraler ausstatten können. Vielleicht klappt es ja. Die Anregung wurde zumindest positiv aufgenommen. Hoffe, alle hatten Spaß.

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