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Linkbait deluxe

Guess who´s linkbaiting again ->!

Maybe you remember me talking about Mingle2 at various conferences, about being the absolute Masturbators Masterbaiters (well, it was actually Rand), getting Mingle2 on top of the serps for „Dating“, „Online Dating“ and other highly competetive terms purely by using Diggbait (I still love posts like „10 worst dates to watch on a first date„!).

After selling it to JustSayHi, it got kinda quiet, but now they´re back with a blast! Not just rebranding to Mingle2 again, no, the Bait´s back! But not just simple funny-blogpost bait, it´s Linkbait deluxe as I wanna call it.

Just take a look at the 10 Reasons it would rule to date a Unicorn – just hillariously funny!! Creative and just funny as hell!
Ok, it´s on a seperate domain, but it´s pretty obvious what you will want to do with all those baited links with „date“ in there 🙂

But they also play pretty nicely with the targeted domain itself – after laughing their asses off, they point you to 9 reasons not to date a tyrannosaurus Rex (this time on, which isn´t really that worse´ a bait!

With linkbaiting getting so en vogue these days, and digg bury-brigades sniffin out SEO-stuff from miles away, Mingle2 really shows how to adjust to that -> just being creative as hell… and hey, it can get a little more expensive to create compelling content, since the reward is still so much more worth it!