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It´s been a great year!

3 more days till 2008, and I really gotta say -> I will miss 2007! 2007 has been an incredible year for me! It´s been the most successful year I ever had, earning a shitload of money while having lots and lots of fun!
Let´s recap a little…

2007 kicked off with Affiliate Summit Las Vegas (which I probably won´t be attending next year…) and a trip to San Diego visiting Shawn of Digitalpoint Forums – great times!

In February our little seoFM Baby finally aired for the first time on Webmasterradio.FM! Quite exciting, although there´re still some difficulties here and there I think it was the right move for us – and if everything would be smooth it just wouldn´t be the Webmasters on the Roof 🙂
Then I wrote one of the only SEO related posts (and even in german), which made quite some buzz around the german SEO blogosphere -> How to Start?

In March I went to Googleplex Hamburg to speak at their weekly „Tech Talk“ – that was actually the first time, that an SEO was invited to speak there, which was really an honour for me!

The next huge honour was to be invited to contribute to Rand Fishkins Search Engine Ranking Factors 2.0 – incredible to be a part of this SEO article milestone! I also went to SES New York again this year, but the highlight was definetly when I visited Pepperjam in Wilkes-Barre, PA for the first time (which was quite a pain in the ass with the rental car I had…). Uh, and ever wondered who would play some of the german SEO legends in a movie? Check out my SEO Lookalikes 🙂

In May I traveled to Amsterdam for the Casino Affiliate Convention, where I spoke on a panel with JasonD and Bob Rains – definetly one of the best panels this year! Amsterdam was also the venue of the first eternal fight between BlackHat and WhiteHat SEO -> and I got my ass kicked
Unfortunatly I had to bail my friends in Amsterdam after just one day, to fly to PubCon Hannover, which has been great – like always! And right after that I went to Baden-Baden, to watch our Wonderful Day race at the spring festival Iffezheim. I gotta admit, I´m quite hooked up to horse-racing now.

June was probably one of the best month overall, not just because I now was officially considered a google friend – no – it was because of CJU Europe in London, where I received the “Outstanding Personal Contribution to Affiliate Marketing” as a Publisher Award. Being the first german to get awarded this prestigious award has really been my highlight of 2007!

1st of July I departed for Las Vegas – the beginning of a 2 month trip to the U.S.! I played in the 2007 World Series of Poker Main Event, and even didn´t do that bad – which officially made poker my personal „second life“ (the „real“ secondLife sucks anyways…). I also celebrated my 30th birthday, improving me to mediadonis3.0 🙂
And since it´s vegas, I also celebrated a lot – for example with King Pepper Kris & his drunken posse at his bachelor party at famous TAO (don´t miss this video!)

Still in Vegas, I seized the opportunity to visit the DefCon Conference for the first time – great stuff!
From Vegas I went to Pennsylvania to Kris´ wedding, which has also been a definite highlight this year! I stayed one more week at the Pepperplex, and then flew with the Pepperjam Crew to SES San Jose, which is always THE event in the search industry, and it lived up to it´s expectations once again!

September is always just about one event -> the Oktoberfest! A lot of training & practice in eary september, and then 2 weeks of serious drinking… 🙂
My good friend Anna got elected Wiesn Playmate, and was that months´ Playboy centerfold – opening us the doors to some serious oktoberfest partys! But the best partys where once again by Google, who invited me 2 times to Google Oktoberfest – definetly the most excessive partys 🙂

Thanks to Zanox I visited Barcelona for the first time, meeting up with Kris and Mike from Pepperjam for the 1st Global Alliance Summit – what a great event! Kris even visited me in munich 2 days later, before we both flew to London for A4U London. A4U was really the biggest surprise for me this year – I didn´t expect that much, but it turned out to be one of the best conferences I went to this year! I also met Joost for the first time – what a great dude!

November started of with web2.0expo in Berlin, where I got to know 2 really cool googlers – I´m still a little pissed my presentation is available to everybody, and not just conference attendees, although I´m quite amazed it already got viewed over 3.800 times (!) and downloaded 721 times!!
I also bought a new horse, and a new car in november – whroom whrooom 🙂

Well, it´s still december, but the highlight this month has definetly been PubCon Las Vegas. Oh, and the christmas affiliate-craze of course 🙂

10 conferences, 4 month abroad and 1 new car – what a great year 🙂

A special thanks goes to Commission Junction, who really helped me a lot this year earning a shitload of money. To my congenial partner in crime FridayNite for making Webmasters on the Roof what it is today. To the 9 guys in the BlackHat Skype Chat for making sitting in front of a computer all day at least a little social…
Jesus, I´m really getting sentimental now – so I better stop 🙂

Have a great start into the new year guys! Let´s make it a great 2008!