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Infect09 rocked!

Infect09 has really been a blast! When I got invited to his conference, I was kinda sceptical -> classic advertising agencys talking about viral marketing… most of the times, that´s like blind people talking about the sky 🙂

But Infect09 really blew me away! Ok, there were quite a lot of suits in the audience (it was actually pretty scary, that only a handful of them knew who I was… way to be in the social media sphere guys 🙂 …), but most of the speakers and presentations were just outstanding! Especially Nils and Torsten of TrendOne (check out their blog) and Björn (his blog´s over at! Just the style of the presentations by itself was amazing! I´m really gonna switch from PowerPoint to Apple Keynote now!

Thanks so much again to Conny of Wunderknaben (who do pretty awesome stuff btw!) for inviting me, and to Simon, for arranging everything! And especially taking me out to this incredible steak house in dusseldorf! Holy smokes, that was by far the coolest steak house I´ve ever been to in germany!

Uh, btw. -> by far the coolest thing at Infect09 was the venue -> a cineplex! Nice! Seeing your presentation getting blown up on the big blue screen is just freakin´ awesome (and the chairs are more comfi, too 🙂 …)