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Impressions from DLD09

Just some quick impressions from the fabulous DLD conference that took place here in munich the last 2 days.

It has really been a great conference, with loads of great and inspiring speakers! Just to name a few, I especially like Chad Hurley (Founder of YouTube), Mitchell Baker from the Mozilla Foundation, TechCrunch´s Mastermind Michael Arrington, Google´s Chief Legal Officer David Drummond and the Brain behind web search Marissa Mayer, and surprise last-minute guest Mark Zuckerberg (Founder of Facebook).

I also met tons of old & new friends, had great chats, and drank a lot at the BUNTE Starnight (although I hate havin´ missed Verona Feldbusch Pooth, and only spotted Thomas Gottschalk, who´s a lot shorter then I thought…)

Update -> watch me riding the smiley-faced Rodeo-thing (with charming courtesy of Tanja)

DLD Pic 1
Tyler Brulé (Monocle), Carolyn McCall (The Guardian), Jochen Wegner (Focus), Jeff Jarvis (BuzzMachine) (Thanks for the Book!) & Michael Arrington (TechCrunch)

DLD Pic 2
Werner Vogels (Amazon), Russ Daniels (HP), Marissa Mayer (Google) & Spencer Reiss (WIRED)

DLD Pic 3
Facebook´s Mark Zuckerberg

There was a lot of bloggin´ and twittering going on. I especially like René´s WriteUp over at the eLab Blog.
Update: René just posted another excellent WriteUp over at his personal blog! Make sure to check it out!

4 Comments on "Impressions from DLD09"

  1. Tolle eindrücke,
    muss mich mal darum kümmern, dass ich da auch nä Jahr hin darf!

  2. Thomas Schulze annoyed sagt:

    Jetzt beginnt Thomas Schulze sogar schon hier zu spamen… dabei war er bei schon unerträglich. Wer will mit einem solchen Spamer zusammenarbeiten???

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