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I´m a Werewolf!

WerewolfFor two years now my buddy Rand and his crew over at SEOmoz are frequently hosting a Werewolf party at the various search conferences (here´s actually the first announcement for PubCon 2007). It´s basically a trading card game with popular characters in the SEO world. Matt is actually a big fan of the game as well, and has recently been spotted at the PubCon 2009 game.

Sixt´s very own inhouse SEO Seodeluxe actually did something similar a couple of month ago – the Online Marketing Generals Trading Card Game (which is actually loads of fun!).

So we were out in Vegas last week, and Michelle Robbins of Sphinn came up to me, and showed me my card! How cool is that!! I didn´t actually know I was in the new edition of the game! Ok, I didn´t see Rand until the next day, so didn´t have a chance to tell me – I was pretty surprised, but really proud to be part of the card deck 🙂

I haven´t played the game yet, and don´t even know the rules, but I hope my card kicks some serious butt 🙂
I definetly gotta check it out at the next werewolf party (hopefully at SES New York…?!)

Go Werewolves!!! 🙂