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I Twitter, Therefore I am

After hearing so much about people converting to twitter the last couple of weeks (like Shoemoney and even Greg, who btw pulled the funniest twitter-hoax -> I was also at the Venetian that night :-) …)

I now twitter as well -> Mediadonis @ Twitter

Mediadonis @ Twitter

I know I look kinda like a dork, but hey – I was just lazy and pulled the background from my mySpace profile :-)

But I really get a hang of twitter already, it´s like a gigantic and international SEO Chat – don´t miss out!

7 Comments on "I Twitter, Therefore I am"

  1. Freak sagt:


  2. Stu sagt:

    Just watch your productivity go through the floor now you’ll be wasting all your time twittering! ;-)

  3. mediadonis sagt:

    legit point – but I´m already participating in two SEO Multiuser-Skype Chats, so I´m used to it :-)

    For people like us, sitting alone in front of the computer the whole day, things like those multiuser chats and twitter are a nice way to socialize a little!

  4. fat_boy sagt:

    Better looking like a dork than looking like a little fat boy ;-)

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