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I got my ass kicked again!

I uploaded a video right after CAP Spring Break, but totally forgot about to blog it…
It´s Round 2 in the eternal BlackHat vs. WhiteHat Battle – or in other words Bob Rains beating the shit out of me again (you may remember Round 1 at the lobby of the Grand Hotel Krasnapolsky in Amsterdam last year), so I guess its 2:0 for Bob… 🙂

I should start picking of people my size for a change (which is hard apparently due to my napoleon´esque height 🙂 …). But I won´t give up – Round 3 is coming soon big fellow 🙂


Oh, and while you´re at it checking out YouTube – check out the first episode of Bob´s cheezy pickup lines!

It´s amazing, but apparently cheezy pickup lines are still working, as shown in the example above! Here´s the line:

Did it hurt“ – „… when they took away your wings, cause you must be one of gods angels

But my favourite one (which I unfortunatly didn´t catch on video) was definetly:

Are you a booger?“ – „cause I pick you“ LOL 🙂

Uh, and congratulations to the Typo-Domain Contest Winners:

Honourable mention goes to Lorenz of Sheng Fui, who didn´t register a domain (as far as I know), but wrote a pretty funny eMail.