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Hungover for a cause!

Thanks to everyone, who came out yesterday to munich´s famous winter Toolwood, to help us drink for charity!! The weather was aweful & wet, but still approx. 25-30 people showed up (some of them even came all the way from Würzburg, just to help us raise money for kids!) and drank a lot of Glühwein for an euro a piece to charity! We actually didn´t really keep count, but Bob and me rounded it up to an even 300 euros (I myself had eight, two of which being kinderpunsch 🙂 …)

Bob and me really didn´t talk about any specific charity yet… but when I stumbled upon this article on digg this morning -> „Dying wish of a 4-year old girl„, I knew we found the good cause we´ve all been drinking for yesterday!
So we´ll be donating the 300 euros to the lovely Hannah Garman, who´s right now in a hospital in Hershey, Pennsylvania, suffering from a rare, incurable brain tumor.

Thanks so much again to everybody, who came out yesterday!! You guys (and gals 🙂 …) rock!!

3 Comments on "Hungover for a cause!"

  1. Maddin sagt:

    Great idea, Markus!
    I really had lot’s of fun with you guys (and gals of course ;)) yesterday! Allthough, I’m not feeling so well today… 😉

  2. Why r Girls in brackets?? I’ll just put myself in the guys section here – BTW: had fun! U guys ROCK! Although it was a bit quiet … compared to the Glühwein level 😀 Thx Macus n Bob!

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