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How to make money with Twitter

Despite what some people are saying right now, Twitter still got A LOT of buzz & new Twits joining in on a daily basis! I get asked quite frequently how to actually use Twitter to make some serious cash, and there are some cool things, you can do to achieve that. Let´s take a closer look at one peticular technique > The Twitter Affiliate Cashmaschine (just sounds a lot cooler with a flashy name 🙂 …)

Step 1 -> Choose a niche
Find a niche, what people are actually talking about on twitter. Popular affiliate niches like „Acai Berry“ and „Forex“ stuff doesn´t really work, since most of the tweets are Twitter spammers themselves…

One great niche for example is Music – take the current charts for example, and search the name of the bands as well as the songtitles on Twitter, and you´ll see an avalanche of people twittering stuff like „Listening to…“ / „I just love …“ etc. Just take a look yourself by for example searching for „Black Eyed Peas“ on Twitter! And there´s one affiliate program, that just fits perfectly -> Ringtone offers 🙂
(btw. -> I know „Ringtones“ are just sooo 2006, but it´s just about the example to illustrate the way you should be thinking + the process)

Step 2 -> Register a new Twitter account
I would never advise you to use your own twitter account to do that kind of stuff + I would find a more specific name anyways. So in my example I would register a new twitter account called something like „BlackEyedPeasFan“ or „ILoveBlackEyedPeas“ and find a nice picture of the artist / band as a profile pic. You should also get a custiom Twitter background, since it just looks a lot less spammy, when you have a custom background. Maybe paste the dates of their worldtour on it, or just find a great picture you can use as a wallpaper…

Step 3 -> Automate content
Since you´ll be doing this on a rinse & repeat basis, so basically for 100 artists and / or bands, and not just a single one, you definetly need to set up a routine to automate content for your account. That´s actually a pretty easy task ->

a) Set up a Google Alert for „Black Eyed Peas“ and a couple of their songtitles („I gotta feeling„) and grab the RSS-feed you get from Google

b) Mix in Musicvideos and Video-Interviews by grabbing a RSS-feed from YouTube -> (you can actually put ANY keyword in there!)

c) Go to a service like TwitterFeed, create an account, add your feeds and let Twitterfeed fill in content on your „BlackEyedPeasFan“ account.

Step 4 -> Find new friends & Black Eyed Peas fans
Use a service like Twollow, Hummingbird or whatever to Auto-follow people that talk about your niche. So set up keywords like „Black Eyed Peas„, „I gotta feeling“ and a few others of their songs. You can also use sites like Twellow or the Twitter advanced search to manually find other Black Eyed Peas fans. Be careful though, Twitter has started cracking down on Twitter spammers and fake Twitter accounts, so make sure to operate within the guidelines and don´t grow that fast (don´t follow more the 100 people a day when starting up a new account etc.).

Step 5 -> Promote your offer
Use a service like Tweetlater to automatically send people a direct message when they follow you (which will eventually happen, when you auto-follow a lot of people and have a nice Black Eyed Peas account), and promote your ringtone offer like „Hey! Great to have found another big Black Eyed Peas fan! Just downloaded the I gotta feeling Ringtone -> YourAffiliURL“ – or whatever. Make sure to test multiple messages for better CTR!

You will be amazed how many people (especially unexperienced!) will actually click on the link, and may even download the ringtone for a nice commission.

But you won´t get rich by doing this just with one artist, you gotta rinse & repeat! So why not just take the whole top 100 artists in the current charts? „Emilia Torrini“ and „Jungle Drum„, „Linkin Park“ and „New Divide“ … rinse & repeat, rinse & repeat… you get the point 🙂

With a 100 twitter accounts like this and just 1 sale (!) a week per account (pretty conservative thinking, right?), you will be making 800 dollars a week (based on a standard ringtone commission of 8 dollars). If you´re thinking less conservative – just do the math!

And then just find another niche and a corresponding affiliate offer and rinse & repeat again 🙂

Just always make sure, that you´re as targeted as humanly possible – the more targeted traffic & people you can get, the better your affiliate offer is going to convert (doah! 🙂 …)

Oh, and don´t forgot to use a service like Twitter Karma every once in a while, to unfollow people that didn´t follow you back, to keep your account nice & tidy.