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How to become a Super Affiliate?

Affiliate TactixX has really been great yesterday!
It´s still far away from an Affiliate Summit conference, but it´s still pretty great, we finally got a decent sized affiliate centered conference here in germany (hat tip to Markus)!

I spoke on „How to become a Super Affiliate“… oh well, I didn´t really speak a lot (sounds strange, right?… 🙂 …), I rather had some of my Super Affiliate friends explain, what their take is on how to become a super affiliate! I got some great feedback on those videos, and so I decided to put them up online, for everyone to enjoy! Thanks so much to Shawn, Jeremy, Kris & Mike and Bob & the two Obamas for making the videos and helping me out at my speech!

First up is Bob & the two Obamas of LetsMakeItAwesome which actually got the most cheers! Great video 🙂

Next up is Shawn Collins, Founder of Affiliate Summit

Jeremy aka Shoemoney also got some tips on how to become a Super Affiliate

And last but not least Mike Jones (with camerabitch Kris Jones) of Pepperjam

Thanks again to all four! You guys rock!