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Hey Toni, get me some booze!

Yesterday I was inivited to the spectacular opening of cena, the new dining hot-spot to be in munich. There was actually more press then actual guests, which made the party kinda suck, but as long as there´s free booze who´s complaining 🙂

Getting the booze was actually a problem, since it was so crowded, and every now and then, when some celebrity entered the restaurant, there was a huge crowd of guys with TV guys and photographers.
So I wanted to get a bottle of champaign from the bar, since the cute waitress didn´t seem to get to us anymore, due to the massive crowd, but at the bar it was even worse. I stood there for about 10 minutes, and the barkeeper didn´t even notice me…
Roberto Blanco (I didn´t know he was still alive… :-)) was pretty angry just as well, up until german goalkeeper legend Toni Schumacher and Karl-Heinz Rummenigge came up to me, and offered me to get me the drinks. And Toni got the drinks in under 10 seconds… nice job! That´s probably the good thing about being a famous soccer player – you always get the booze quicker then anyone else 🙂

I would never have thought that my childhood hero (when I was about 6 years old probably – I was a goalkeeper back then too!) would ever get me a bottle of champaign in a crowded bar – thanks Toni! You´re still the best!

Toni Schumacher