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Happy Easter everybody!

Happy Easter

I know it´s almost over by now, but me and my easterbunny´d friends just wanted to wish everybody happy easter :-)

A friend of mine actutally celebrated his clubs 17th anniversary (!!), and four of my gogo-friends were dancing there. Since I was jetlaged anyways (I arrived 8 o´clock in the morning) I decided to join them, and look a little out for them. Anyways -> great party :-)

4 Comments on "Happy Easter everybody!"

  1. Greg Powell sagt:

    Mediadonis is always on top of the situation if there is ladies involved. Hope you are coming to Amsterdam.


  2. mediadonis sagt:

    ha, sure I´m coming – wouldn´t wanna miss it in the world :-)
    See ya there!!

  3. Not Honk sagt:

    Du bist der größte Honk, den ich kenne,

  4. mediadonis sagt:

    Ich muss Dich leider enttäuschen mein lieber Not Honk, denn so groß bin ich leider nicht…

    aber dennoch ziemlich komischer Kommentar von einem Accenture Mitarbeiter… so schlechte Manieren, würde man von euch garnicht erwarten…

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