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Greetings from New York

Greetings from New York everybody!
SES has only seen 2 sessions so far, but I already feel like going up to my room and lie down a little… 🙂
I actually wanted to take it slow yesterday night, since I know the days of the conference will be more then hard, with the St.Patricks Day Pub-Crawl today, the BOTW party tomorrow, and Webmasterradio SearchBash on wednesday…

I had courtside tickets for the NY Knicks game yesterday at Madison Square Garden (Courtside Baby!! 🙂 …) – yeah, I know the Knicks kinda suck at the moment, and the Atlanta Hawks didn´t play that much better (they still won) – but I just always have to see an NBA game when I´m in New York! I love this game (great to do some shameless promotion for the german basketball blog in my blog-network 🙂 …)

I went back to the Hilton right after the game, ready to get a good night sleep – but I ran into Brent, Neil and the BotW guys in the lobby… needless to say I didn´t go up to my room – well, I eventually did, but it was around 4 o´clock in the morning… 🙂

I also had some drinks with the Pepperjam Crew, who infiltrated the SES with an armada of 8 people!!

SES New York 2008 Pic 1
Audrey, Lauren, me and King Pepper Jones

So I officially feel like shit today, but I still got up at 8 o´clock this morning to catch both morning sessions. I was especially interested in the „Search Around the World – Part 1: Asia/Pacific & Latin America“ Session, which turned out to be really great (I´m so proud of myself, for not sleeping in, and come to the conference so early!). Right after that I went to the „Analytics: Data Into Action“ session, which was just packed – take a look:

SES New York 2008 Pic 2

So SES NY is up for a great start, and I hope I can pull myself together for another couple of hours, to watch Joost kick ass in the „Search Around the World – Part 2: The UK & Europe“ session. And then I´m looking forward to have a nice nap before the crazy green-beer (no self-respecting bavarian would ever get the idea to colour up beer!) drinking pub-crawl starts… god lord… 🙂