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GR8 A4U – w00t!

A4Uexpo MunichIs it just me, or has A4Uexpo Munich been totally off the hook? Ok ok, since I was on the speaker advisory board and a long-time fighter of A4Uexpo coming to munich, you wouldn´t really expect an objective review, right? 🙂

But almost everyone I talked to gave me a thumbs up for the whole event – there´ve been only a couple of little things like the sucky WiFi coverage, that got people bitchin´ a little bit, but to be fair – the Hilton wasn´t really prepared for 700 internet-savvy online marketers desperatly trying to get online…

Like the „classic“ A4Uexpo London, the first A4Uexpo Europe on german soil had it all – great speakers, good food, and may I just say, that the Breakout Party at the Gallopprennbahn Riem on tuesday night has definetly redefined the expression „Conference Networking Party„… People have been drinking & partying till sunrise, and besides Team Internet´s failed attempt to get me off the stage 🙂 … I just had a great time! But what do you expect, when you put Webmasters on the Roof Chief of Events „DiscoFranjoPhilip in charge, and mix in munich´s renowned DJ couple Witzig & Kraus to make the people going crazy on the dancefloor! I tried to capture a little bit of the atmosphere (and also an impression of the amazing giant LED wall) on video, but the iPhone camera isn´t really suitable for that kinda stuff… but trust me, you won´t find anyone sayin´that this party sucked!

But the fact that I liked the most was, that almost half of the people weren´t from germany, flying in from all over the world (especially from the UK though), giving the A4Uexpo quite an international flair. Well, duh – it´s called A4Uexpo Europe for a reason, but there haven´t been a lot of searchmarketing events in germany with such a high percentage of international folks!

So, enough from me… read through what other people thought of the event ->

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…and a plethora of pictures and (mostly german) statements on Karsten´s blog

Jonas uploaded the slides from his pretty cool „7 Sins of Linkbuilding“ presentation, and Tom slideshared his two great presentations on Data Feed SEO & Advanced Information Architecture and Universal Search Optimization. Jens posted something as well, but I´m probably way to sober to really appreciate his post 🙂

Thank you so much Matthew & the whole crew over at Existem for a great A4Uexpo here in Munich! I´m definetly raising my hand, to make this an annual thing 🙂

… and there´s hope -> „München ist das Zentrum des Affiliate Marketing“

Das Branchentreffen in München war ein voller Erfolg. Wir werden sehen, aber im Grunde spricht nichts dagegen, das Event permanent nach München zu holen.
(Matthew´s saying, that the A4Uexpo has been a great success, and there aren´t really any reasons, why A4Uexpo Europe in munich shouldn´t be a regular thing) – Cheers to that & see ya next year 🙂

16 Comments on "GR8 A4U – w00t!"

  1. Robbie sagt:

    Hi Marcus,

    da kann ich mich nur anschließen! Mein Recap folgt morgen, wenn ich’s noch schaffe mit Podcast und Interview mit Matthew 😉 War auf jeden Fall ne klasse Veranstaltung, eure Panels sowieso 😉

    Unser Interview folgt hoffentlich noch, im Zweifel mit nem leckeren Tegernseer Bierchen!

  2. Nico Zeifang sagt:

    LOL. Attempt to get you off the stage? You almost broke my rib trying to save me 🙂 Not to mention all the freaking bruises all over my body. Anyway, no pain, no gain. And the party was well worth it!

  3. Claudius sagt:

    Hey Marcus! It was definitely a good conference. It was also good meeting you briefly in person.

  4. Tom sagt:

    It was such a pleasure, unless I didn´t understand all that technical stuff. Great Event, and superb party!

  5. Silke sagt:


    Ich hatte mich sehr auf die a4u gefreut, vor allem weil die Letzte inhaltlich sehr basic war und ich hoffte, bei dem Programm, für dieses Mal mehr. Leider wurden meine Erwartungen nicht wirklich erfüllt. Vor allem im Bereich SEO hab ich nix neues erfahren und dass Usability für die Conversion wichtig ist, ist auch nix neues.

    Das Essen war für Leute mit Lactoseintoleranz gar nichts. Es gab außer Salat nichts ohne Milchprodukte. Aber Glückwunsch an alle, die Milchprodukte vertragen, ihr dürftet gut gespeist haben.

    Die Location war gut, dennoch erwarte ich bei so einer Veranstaltung, dass das WiFi funktioniert, vor allem weil die Zahl der Teilnehmer vorher bekannt war. Naja, mir war’s egal, ich hatte meinen Webstick dabei :-p

    Nichtsdestotrotz habe ich viele tolle Leute getroffen und außerhalb der Sessions super Gespräche geführt.

    Von der Party am Dienstag ganz zu schweigen – die hat richtig gerockt! 🙂

    Bin gespannt auf’s nächste Mal.

    Sonnige Grüße!

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