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Google Eisfussball Cup

Google Germany Big Boss Christian Baudis called out for some fearless warriors, for a little soccer match in munichs english garden today – great times!!
And while we were waiting for the people to arrive, we invented a new sport -> Eisfussball – or english „Ice Soccer“, which is basically soccer on ice (no, not in tights… but with spikes :-)) …
We really want to make a sport out of it – a Google / BlackHat WhiteHat SEO sports association – who would have thought? 🙂

Here´s a little practice video we shot today -> me (yeah, the fat looking dude, that moves like a pregnant ballerina…) vs. Google´s very own Patrick, let me entertain you, Warnking:

Join the official Eisfussball League (soon over at, and maybe you can be a part of the german national eisfussball team soon:

Eisfussball Nationalmannschaft