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Google Eisfussball Cup

Google Germany Big Boss Christian Baudis called out for some fearless warriors, for a little soccer match in munichs english garden today – great times!!
And while we were waiting for the people to arrive, we invented a new sport -> Eisfussball – or english “Ice Soccer”, which is basically soccer on ice (no, not in tights… but with spikes :-) ) …
We really want to make a sport out of it – a Google / BlackHat WhiteHat SEO sports association – who would have thought? :-)

Here´s a little practice video we shot today -> me (yeah, the fat looking dude, that moves like a pregnant ballerina…) vs. Google´s very own Patrick, let me entertain you, Warnking:

Join the official Eisfussball League (soon over at, and maybe you can be a part of the german national eisfussball team soon:

Eisfussball Nationalmannschaft

11 Comments on "Google Eisfussball Cup"

  1. Ricardo sagt:

    Damn, first you start Gogo Dancing, then playing Poker and now you’r going to be the next german ice-soccer star! :-)

    Whats next, Marcus?

  2. yannick eckl sagt:

    Ich erinnere mich noch heute an die blauen Flecken, die ich mir auf der Eisbahn hier in der Nähe geholt habe. Ich bleibe lieber beim normalen Soccer :)

  3. Gilles sagt:

    oha ;) Google “Ice” Dance wäre doch auch ma eine lustige Disziplin ;) .

  4. disaster sagt:

    > And while we were waiting for the people to arrive, we invented a new sport

    Not true! You do not invented it! It exists a long time before.

    Why not say the truth? You registered the domain in september and now you’ll do some fuckin’ promotion. That’s all. ;-)

    xmas greetings from

  5. disaster sagt:

    ahh, forget to mention: it was september 2005 ;-)

  6. mediadonis sagt:

    what are you talking about??
    Here´s the Denic record:

    Letzte Aktualisierung: 22.12.2007

  7. disaster sagt:

    Just talking about…

    … (irrevelant stuff removed)
    Changed: 2005-09-09T11:01:12+02:00 …this date ;-)

    check it out :-)

  8. mediadonis sagt:

    Ah, alright – but I really don´t know what that means. I never owned the domain before, and really just registered it on the 22nd. also has no records ->*/

    Furthermore I don´t really get, what you´re trying to say… ?!
    There´s no secret masterplan behind it – wasn´t even my idea – it was Christian´s! So maybe it´s a secret google plan, tricking me into registering this old domain? :-)

  9. disaster sagt:

    Well, read it like that: the domain holder changed on 2005-09-09 to your name. That’s somehow confusing, isn’t it? Perhaps, you were involved in a conspiracy – unknowledgeable ;-)

  10. barbi sagt:

    hehe cool

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