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Google, eBay and the enviroment

CO2 Emissions are the number one reason for the global warming, and the U.S. are by far one of the biggest CO2 emitters in the whole world! Now we internet geeks may think we´re the good guys, not responsible for any of those emissions, but think again…

As you probably remember, back in Jan of 2007, Mark Ontkush discovered how Google could save an astonishing 750 megawatt-hours per year just by making it’s background black
So Google could save over 72 tons of CO2 emissions per month if they would just change their background from white to black!

Now it seems Rolf Kersten, an engineer who uses Google and saved our world from evil spidermans, has found a similar fact in regards to EBay.
Every single auction on eBay needs as much energy as a 30-watt lightbulb burning for one hour! Which means, that every eBay auction is responsible for 0.5 ounces of CO2 emissions!
How do you get that number? Well, eBay has about 15.000 servers in computer centers. Every Server needs about 600 watt for operation and cooling. Now everey week, there are about 105 million auctions going on at eBay – do the math!

So, eBay is responsible for over 1.783 tons of CO2 emissions a week!

CO2 Emissions
Is it time to introduce a „Enviromentally friendly“ seal for websites? 🙂