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Goodbye San Diego

It´s my last day here in San Diego – tomorrow morning I´ll head back to snowy and freezing munich…
As you may have read, I flew from Affiliate Summit Las Vegas to San Diego to visit Shawn, mighty Overlord of the biggest SEO Forums in the World, and World of Warcraft addict-to-be, where I stayed for the last week.

I had a real great time over here! Highlights include friday night out to San Diegos famous nightclub Stingaree, some beers at the VIP Lounge of the PGA Tours´ Buick Invitational Golf tournament, and a trip to Disneyland in Los Angeles.

I had a fucking blast! Thanks again Shawn and all your other friends making my trip such a great time! Oh, and thanks to Adam the Shandyking to come down from L.A. to have some beers with us :-)

At Stingaree San Diego

some more pictures from my trip:

at Stingaree San DiegoSan Diego BeachDisneylandDisneylandDisneylandDisneyland

and there´s more – just uploaded a little video from our trip to disneyland

Oh, I updated my mySpace Profile -> please be my friend :-)
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  1. ShandyKing sagt:

    Dude, I wish i could have stayed longer but the fact was I could not handle some dude from another country kicking my ass @ football… It was great seeing you again!

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