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Getting my ass kicked by DaveN at sumo wrestling…

Actually, I didn´t really want to post these pictures, but someone makes me doing that – so I guess here they are…
getting my ass kicked by David Naylor at sumo wrestling :-)

DaveN and Marcus Sumo wrestlingDaveN and Marcus Sumo wrestling

“Thanks” ChrisC for the Pics :-)

4 Comments on "Getting my ass kicked by DaveN at sumo wrestling…"

  1. Shawn Hogan sagt:

    I like Dave’s nipples.

  2. mediadonis sagt:

    looks almost like a face … :-)

  3. Fridaynite sagt:

    Auf jeden Fall siehst Du schon sehr schwanger aus – hehe…

  4. monica sagt:

    where did u get your sumo suit at and how much did it cost?

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