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Get ready for A4Uexpo Munich

A4Uexpo Europe in Munich is just two month away, and the conference agenda is finally online!

As you might know, I´m on the Speaker Advisory Board, and extremly proud, that we put together 36 (!) pretty cool sessions, with a lot of speakers, who´ve never been speaking at a german conference before! We got the incredible Dave Naylor, PPC God Sri Sharma, the always entertaining Conversion Rate Experts Karl & Ben, as well as Stephen Pavlovich, and my good friend Bob Rains – I guess you heard his name before 🙂
… well, and many more… as well as 3 fun-packed parties, Webmasters on the Roof Head of Events Discofranjo Philip, laid his hands on, so you can be sure, it won´t be the standard after-conference so-called „Party“ – it will be more like mind-blowing fun kinda stuff, that will let you miss the early sessions on the next day 🙂

Let me give you a my Top 5 picks of sessions you just don´t want to miss at A4Uexpo Munich:

1) Google Adsense Optimisation – with Google´s AdSense Mastermind Walter Palma (awesome dude to have beers with!) and my better half Niels Dörje, who will tell you, how to get the most of Google AdSense – be prepared to skyrocket your AdSense earnings with tips from these two guys, cause they definetly know, what they´re talking about!

2) Extreme SEO – The Debate Returns! – with my humble self, Johannes „Sistrix“ Beus, Dave Naylor, Bob Rains & Ralph „Fantomaster“ Tegtmeier – always one of the most talked about sessions at A4U – for a reason!

3) SEO Update – What’s happening in the Market and Where Should Your Focus Be? – with Ex-Google Search Quality Teammate Jonas Weber, Johannes Beus & Andre Alpar.

4) Super Affiliate Strategy; Tips to Increase Productivity & Profit by Sri Sharma, one of the biggest Affiliates in Europe, so he definetly knows, what he´s talking about!

5) Link Building for Highly Competitive Markets by the Godess of Linkbuilding & Ex-SEOmoz Jane Copeland – if you wanna start thinking out of the box with your linkbuilding efforts, Jane can & will lead you in the right direction!

ok, and since Linkbuilding is so important, I give you a sixth session you don´t want to miss:

6) Killer Link Building Strategies with Christoph Cemper, the always inspiring Dixon Jones, David Naylor & the mighty Fantomaster

Tickets are selling fast – well, it´s only 395 Euros, so it´s pretty much a no-brainer – so block the 18th & 19th of may in your calender and register for A4Uexpo Munich! This conference is gonna kick some serious ass – you got my word on that!