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Everybody Loves Vegas Baby

… cause it´s time for PubCon 2008! I´m flying out to Vegas tomorrow afternoon – yeay!!

If you´ve never watched my PubCon 2006 Video, check it out (and if you already have, just watch it again – it´s awesome and really gets you into the mood for 4 days of PubCon in the city of sins!)

This is actually my 4th year at PubCon, and there´s again so much going on there! Besides some awesome sessions – just to name a few I´m looking forward to this year:

  • Linkfluence : How To Buy Links With Maximum Juice and Minimum Risk
  • Real-World Low-Risk, High-Reward Link Building Strategies
  • Earning Big Bucks With Social Media Traffic
  • Universal and Personal Search – This Changes Everything
  • Affiliate Based PPC Issues and Options
  • Local Search Optimization
  • Top Secret Tools of The Trade
  • Community Hacking – 96 Baiting Strategies You Can Employ

… there´s also some kick-ass events, like the 2nd PurposeInc SEO Poker Tournament at the Venetian, the Fight Club and the famous Webmasterradio.FM SearchBash at Rain @The Palms! I´m also looking forward at meeting… well, everybody… cause everybody´s there 🙂

You´re not coming? No way -> watch the video one more time, get yourself a flight and freakin´ be there! If you really take this business seriously, you just have to be at PubCon! No excuses, no regrets 🙂

7 Comments on "Everybody Loves Vegas Baby"

  1. Hey Marcus, flying in Monday night – see you Tuesday morning in the Registration Queue 🙂


  2. purposeinc sagt:

    Oh I just love ya!

    Thank you for that!

    Also after those sell out, everyone is invited to these:

    Everybody watch out for the lederhosn! at the tables!

    Especially the cowboys in the elevators!

  3. mediadonis sagt:

    OMG – lol, you remembered!
    Yeah, I shouldn´t piss off those dudes from the Brokeback Mountain Convention again 🙂
    See ya next week DK!

  4. Steffen sagt:

    I bet you all gonna have a freakin time. Have fun. ;o)

    Viva las Vegas

  5. Bastian sagt:

    Yeah… see you in a few hours 🙂

  6. Tagpad sagt:

    Gibts diesmal kein Video? …

  7. bob sagt:

    Awesome hanging with you bro.

    Let’s see those slap videos…

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