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eBay starts on PepperjamNetwork

I´ve been waiting to blog this for a week now, and now it´s finally official -> eBay starts exclusivly on PepperjamNetwork!
If you remember eBay just terminated their program on CJ (I still love you CJ… :-) …), claiming to be running it inHouse now (which could have major implications on the german market, especially for Affilinet). And now they´re launching it all over again at another network (althought it´s just meant to be “supplemental” to their new inHouse program, it´s still pretty huge they now partner with another network again!). Nice catch Kris!!

I also like the new payout model Pepperjam announced:

Monthly winning bid revenue tiers

Total winning bid revenue generated % of Revenue
$0.00 – $99.99 52.50%
$100.00 – $4,999.99 57.50%
$5,000.00 – $199,999.99 60.00%
$200,000.00 – $699,999.99 65.00%
$700,000.00 – $2,999,999.99 70.00%
$3,000,000.00+ 75.00%

Monthly new active users (ACRUs)

Total ACRUs recruited Compensation per ACRU
0 – 49 $26.00
50 – 1,999 $29.00
2,000 – 29,999 $31.00
30,000+ $35.00

Good Stuff! And if I´m not mistaken, that´s a even slightly better payout than at their inHouse program, right?
Again -> nice catch Kris :-)

You can read more about it here

One Comment on "eBay starts on PepperjamNetwork"

  1. Randolf sagt:

    Pretty interesting news, but ebay doesn’t seem to be too exclusive, as they’re still running an affiliate program for via (formerly auctionads) even though the shoppingads site only displays an error message right now…

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