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Disturbing questions

Jojo blogged about the new Wordtracker Labs Keyword Questions Tool – you can have quite some fun with that tool… :-)

Search for “Sex” (always the first choice, when using a new keyword tool):
Keyword Sex
WTF?? The top two questions are both about how to have sex with your sister?

But it gets even worse, cause this dude apparently didn´t only seek advice how to have sex with his sister, no he´s asking -> “how to rape my sister” ->
Keyword Rape
It´s pretty disturbing people actually think there could be a How-to guide online for raping your sister.

I was also pretty amazed, that more people (probably women this time) where seeking advice “how to give a good blowjob” rather then “how to give a great blowjob” – why settle for good, if you could be great? :-)
Keyword Job

But the most disturbing search was definetly “kill” – I was expecting pretty sick stuff to come up, but what I found on top (with an extraordinary amount of times being asked) is really sick:
Keyword Kill
I´m disgusted!

Thanks to FridayNite for pinging me about it.

6 Comments on "Disturbing questions"

  1. evertino sagt:

    I really hope the Word Tracker data isn’t correct. This is really sick. If this is true the first question should be “How to kill myself”….

  2. aukseo sagt:

    What a great tool this is, the number 12 result for “terrorists” is great!

    But, seriously should be great for finding good article titles.

  3. CapeK sagt:

    Oh shit man, that’s fuckin’ sick.

    Too many crazy guys out there…

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