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CJU London 2007 – Huge Turnout!

CJU rocked! I never would have thought, that a small conference like this, could have such a huge turnout! Great organisation, great speakers and a nice share of tricks I took back home, which I´m already doing some serious money with!

And I´m proud to announce, that I´ve won the „Outstanding Personal Contribution to Affiliate Marketing“ as a Publisher Award! As it turned out, everybody seemed to know, that I would win this award (Jojo told me later: „Dude, great performance acting like you are surprised!“ lol :-)) – and I really had no clue! I was also pretty hammered from the 90 minute champaign massacre reception, making it even more surprising to hear my name up on stage 🙂
Thanks Commission Junction for this honour!

CJU 2007 London Pic 1
CJU 2007 London Pic 2
CJU 2007 London Pic 3

Here are some pictures from the gala dinner and the venue:

CJU 2007 London Pic 6
CJU 2007 London Pic 7
CJU 2007 London Pic 8

and as probably some of you know, Jojo of Internetmarketing News won the trip to London on one of our last shows of Webmasters on the Roof – but his win sure came with a prize…

CJU 2007 London Pic 4
CJU 2007 London Pic 5

But despite the shirt, I think Jojo had a great time at London just as well! Great you´ve been there with us Jojo!

Some more shoutouts to
– Neil from TrafficBroker – Thanks so much for you know what… you rock!

– Duncan from eConversions (who apparently loves local!) – Great speech – let me just say: „If you just throw enough shit at google, something will stick“ 🙂

– Magnus from Webmiles – Great to have finally met you!

– Andre from HitFlip – Great to get to know you a little better! You´re really a cool dude! And forgive me the picture I´m about to post here – Andre with a different bag then HitFlips! That´s a rare sight! But I think it suits him better, then the yellow eyecancer thing 🙂

CJU 2007 London Pic 9

and certainly the whole team from Commission Junction (and especially Michael, who made all this possible!) – fantastic job! Thank you so much again for letting me be a part of this great confernce!

For more pictures and a german report visit Andre´s Blog (he even got a short piece of my presentation – great job!)