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Cinema for Peace #SEOsForCharity

Cinema for Peace LogoA couple of you guys probably already heard the news, that I got elected to the supervisory board of the Cinema for Peace Foundation (german: Aufsichtsrat). I will especially focus on the internet activities of Cinema for Peace. We got some great stuff planned, and I´m really excited about the things we´ll be launching pretty soon – stay tuned!

I´m still dedicated to the Münchner Tafel and the AMAZONICA Project, so I´m still helping out at the Münchner Tafel about 3 days each month, and got my next trip to the ecuadorian rainforest planned out! I also donated a nice medium-sized five-figure sum already this year, since besides the work and the raising of awareness, there´s still a lot of money needed.

I hope I can finally get the SEOsForCharity website up, but I´m so busy with my normal stuff, that I just don´t get around to it…

If you don´t know what Cinema for Peace does check out their website – the 2009 Gala during the International Filmfestspiele in Berlin raised approx. 400.000 Euros for charity organisations supporting health care, social care as well as environmental issues (The charity partners of the 2009 gala included the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation which supports environmental issues as well as the Gorbachev Foundation, which supports the “Raissa Gorbacheva” Hospital for children suffering of leukaemia in St. Petersburg – which btw. I privatly support as well). I donated 14.000 Euros myself at last years gala to auction an invitation to Academy Award winning director Roman Polanski´s movie set of „The Ghost“ with Pierce Brosnan and Ewan McGregor (you can find the pictures over here).

Cinema for Peace really does an incredible job, and I feel honored to now be a part of this great organization!