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Cinema for Peace and the Glamourdonis

Cinema for Peace LogoCinema for Peace has really been incredible yesterday! So many cool people, like „Lord of the Rings“ and StarWars Actor Christopher Lee, Pink Floyd Founder Roger Waters, Ben „Ghandi“ Kingsley, Gus van Sant (who won the price for his movie „Milk„) Bob Geldorf and loads of other bigass celebs.

The most incredible thing was the special award Leonardo diCaprio got for his incredible movie 11th hour, presented by no other then Michael Gorbatschow himself! I guess that´s pretty much as good as it gets, right? A historic figure like Gorbatschow giving you an award for your continuous ecological commitment! Whoa!

For me personally, the most moving film, that won an award was „The day after peace“ by Jeremy Gilley (who sat almost right next to me, and is really a cool dude!) – and the whole concept of „Peace one day“ ( – a global day of cease fire and peace on the 21st of september! Check out the website, and support this incredible movement!

It´s great, that Cinema for Peace is dedicated to honour movies, not just by their success at the box office!

I also tried to show some support by once again participating in the charity live auction. I was lucky enough to place the winning bid (it was actually 14.000 euros) of a truly once-in-a-lifetime experience -> one day on the set of Roman Polanski´s new movie „The Ghost„, which is being shot in germany, with Ewan McGregor, Pierce Brosnan and James Belushi! I will be part of the crew for one day, sitting right next to Roman Polanski the whole day (maybe I can even sneak into the movie…?! :-)…)! Awesome stuff!!

Sure, it´s a steep price tag, but truly a once in a lifetime opportunity, and -> it´s for a good cause! All proceeds of the charity auction went to the Raissa Gorbatschow Foundation & Leonardo diCaprio Foundation!

SEOs for Charity!!

Wanna read more about Cinema for Peace and see some pictures? Head over to these sites – it was pretty much all over the news this morning…

-> Focus Online
-> BILD Online
-> BUNTE (some great pictures over there!)

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