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SEOktoberfest 8 | Quick #Recap & my favorite #Pictures

SEOktoberfest8 Logo

SEOktoberfest 8 has been an absolute blast again. I finally have some pictures for you – I uploaded all the pictures over on my Flickr account #enjoy

Unfortunately there isn´t really anything I can tell you about the event, since our mantra at SEOktoberfest has always been => don´t blog – don´t tweet – don´t tell!

SEOktoberfest Newbie Marty Weintraub has blogged about his first time at SEOktoberfest – really a great post, check it out!

Our annual SEOktoberfest Grand Charity BBQ has raised 45.267 Euros this year! Thank you all so much for raising this astonishing amount of donations to two great charities > The Münchner Tafel and the Amazonica Foundation.

SEOktoberfest has already raised 204.202 Euros since 2009! #YouRock

A big thanks goes to our fantastic Charity BBQ sponsors, who made it possible that 100% of all proceeds from the Charity Ticket Auction go directly towards these two fantastic charities! Thank you very much ImpactanaSearchmetricsFutureAdAKOM360, Yoast, LYNX &!

I hope to see everyone of you again next year at the Grand SEOktoberfest IX Charity BBQ :)

Don´t forget: there will be only two more SEOktoberfest events – SEOktoberfest X 2017 will be the last & final SEOktoberfest! So don´t to procrastinate any more and join us next year!

But now let me show you my favorite pictures of SEOktoberfest 8 ->


Two days of extreme SEO ThinkTanking


Jump up if you love SEOktoberfest


Zeljko, Mike and Aleyda having fun at the famous Ochsenbraterei


Prost Joost!


Prost Zach & Sri!


Phenomenal new location for the Grand Charity BBQ – Florian Stadl @ Kloster Andechs


The infamous BlackHat Shed lived up to its reputation again


Prost Dennis!


First time at the famous Teufelsradthe Devil’s wheel (est. 1910 !)


What could possibly go wrong? :)

Thank you very much Bernd for these great pictures! Check out all the pictures over on my Flickr account.

3 ways to become a part of this years SEOktoberfest experience


It´s exactly three months to go until SEOktoberfest 8!

The 8th event of ultimately only 10 SEOktoberfest events! SEOktoberfest X in 2017 will be the last and final SEOktoberfest. Boy, have we something special planned for that :) So if you ever wanted to experience what SEOktoberfest is all about, you should probably get moving.

We´re getting quite a couple ticket applications and also a lot of questions around the event. Basically there are three ways to become a part of the SEOktoberfest experience in September:

The Grand SEOktoberfest Charity BBQ

Of course there´s the famous SEOktoberfest Grand Charity BBQ, which is taking place on day #2 of SEOktoberfest, Wednesday 23rd of September.

The SEOktoberfest Charity Auction for just 50 exclusive tickets to this unique event is going until this Friday – June 26th! Like every year the bidding is quite low at the beginning – the real bidding war usualy starts on the last two days of the auction – so try to bid a bit higher, to not flunk out of the list at the last minute. Remember – you are donating your bid directly to one of two great charities, so you are not "buying" a ticket, but rather make a donation for your exclusive seat at the Charity BBQ!

Not convinced yet? Check out the SEOktoberfest Charity BBQ Trailer #2015

The SEOktoberfest Charity BBQ just isn´t enough for you? You want to be part of the real SEOktoberfest experience? It´s tough, but there´s still two ways to score one of only two seats we have left at this years event. The SEOktoberfest roster is pretty much set, but we saved two attendee seats, one that you can apply for, and the other way, that you can win.

Apply for a ticket

A ticket to SEOktoberfest is 5.000 Euros (it´s a non-profit event though – all the money from the attendance fees goes towards the event) – still you have to apply, and – if chosen – you get the right to buy a ticket. Since we are only giving out just a couple of tickets to Newbies each year, the waiting list keeps growing every year. There is well over a hundred people on the waiting list, but there´s still a fair chance to score a ticket! Since there´s a lot of heavy hitters on the waiting list, popular speakers themselves, or maybe coming from known brands, we still want to give everybody the same fair chance. So there´s an anonymous application process with three easy questions. It ain´t about popularity or a popular employer – we really aim to find the best person that fits our little group the best. In know, it sounds absolutely crazy, having to anonymously apply for buying a 5.000 Euro ticket – but that´s just how it is.

At SEOktoberfest we don’t care where you’re coming from, we don’t care about your age, your gender, your race or even if you drink beer or not – we just care about how SEO savvy you are! You have to LOVE SEO – that’s about it!

If you just want to party at Oktoberfest this conference is definitely not for you, don’t bother to apply if you’re just looking to drink & party.

Win a ticket

Christoph Cemper and his Team of LinkResearchTools have just launched a new Content Marketing Software called Impactana. At the moment you can sign up for early access. I have been a fan of the software ever since it´s alpha version and I can only strongly recommend you to take the new software for a spin!

Christoph has been our main Charity BBQ sponsor for a long time, and like every year, he has the honor to do a contest for the last SEOktoberest full ticket! He´s also throwing in 5 hotel nights in a great hotel close to the SEOktoberfest venue. So you just need to figure out a way to Munich to have the professional SEO experience of a lifetime – for free. So head over to the SEOktoberfest #LastTicket contest page and take your chance. Good luck!

SEOktoberfest has changed so many professional SEO careers already, it might just also change yours!

Sei dabei beim SEOktoberfest Charity BBQ

Die Charity Auktion für die 50 Tickets zum alljährlichen SEOktoberfest Charity BBQ ist gestartet! Noch bis zum 26.Juni könnt Ihr euer Gebot abgeben und wer am 26.Juni um 16Uhr mit seinen Namen & Gebot auf der Liste steht ist am 23.September von 14Uhr bis 22Uhr beim großen Charity BBQ dabei! Ein ganzer Tag mit allen internationalen SEOktoberfest Experten & Teilnehmern, lecker Speis & Trank sowie auch in diesem Jahr wieder 4 hochkarätige Power-Panels mit den SEOktoberfest AllStars. Der Auktionserlös geht zu 100% an die beiden Charities Münchner Tafel und die Amazonica Stiftung! Letztes Jahr sind 56.015 Euro (!) für die 50 Tickets gespendet worden – ich hoffe, wir können diesen Betrag dieses Jahr übertrumpfen!

Das 100% vom Spendenerlös an die von uns unterstützten Charities gehen verdanken wir unseren fantastischen Charity BBQ Sponsoren! Herzlichen Dank an dieser Stelle an LinkResearchTools, SearchmetricsAKOM360, FutureAd, Yoast und!

Biete mit und sei am 23.September mit dabei!

Mindestgebot für ein Ticket sind 100 Euro. Alle Erlöse der Charity-Auktion gehen zu 100% an die von uns unterstützten Charities! 
Und so kannst Du dabei sein:

1. Schreibe eine eMail an
2. Dein Name & Adresse (evtl. Link zu Website / Blog / Twitter-Acc. / XING-Profil, wenn Du verlinkt werden willst – Mist wird nicht verlinkt)
3. Dein Gebot (mind. 5 Euro höher als das letzte Gebot auf der Liste – Gebote bitte nur in 5-Euro-Schritten)

Die 50 jeweils höchsten Gebote landen nach dem first-come-first-serve Prinzip auf der TeilnehmerlisteMan kann sein Gebot jederzeit erhöhen, oder eines der anderen Gebote auf der Liste überbieten. Einfach eine erneute eMail mit dem neuen Gebot senden!

Die 50 höchsten Gebote, die am 26.Juni um 16Uhr auf der Teilnehmerliste stehen bekommen ein Ticket für das SEOktoberfest Charity BBQ
Hierzu müsst Ihr den von euch gebotenen Betrag direkt an die Charity-Organisation spenden (ihr bekommt am Ende der Auktion eine eMail mit allen Details!) und uns bis zum 10.Juli den Überweisungsbeleg zukommen lassen. Selbstverständlich erhaltet Ihr von der jeweiligen Charity-Organisation eine ordentliche Spenden-Quittung! Fehlt der Überweisungsbeleg am 10.Juli rückt automatisch der nächste Teilnehmer von der Teilnehmerliste nach und bekommt das Ticket. Der Rechtsweg ist selbstverständlich ausgeschlossen.

Die Liste wird Montag-Freitag jeweils um 10 Uhr und um 18 Uhr aktualisiert.

Don´t blog – don´t tweet – don´t tell

Die wichtigste Regel beim SEOktoberfest lautet seit jeher -> “don´t blog – don´t tweet – don´t tell” – natürlich gilt diese Regel auch wieder für das SEOktoberfest Charity BBQ! Dafür gibt´s Tipps, Informationen und Anregungen, die ihr sicherlich auf keiner anderen SEO Konferenz bekommt!

Es sind nicht nur unsere 24 Experten, die das SEOktoberfest Charity BBQ zu einer erstklassigen Möglichkeit machen auf höchstem Level unter gleichgesinnten SEOs zu networken, sondern auch die 28 SEOktoberfest Teilnehmer, die ja immerhin 5.000 Euro für das SEOktoberfest Ticket bezahlen, haben allesamt Rang und Namen in der internationalen SEO Branche. Von Facebook nehmen bspw. der Director Growth Brian Piepgrass zum mittlerweile vierten Mal teil, oder auch Facebook Head of SEO Aniruddha Kortikar. Disney Senior SEO Manager Jeffrey Preston, US SEO Urgestein Bruce ClayCBS Growth Hacker Chris HedgecockTripAdvisor Vice President of SEO Luc Levesque, Builtvisible CEO Richard BaxterLinkedIn SEO Manager Zach Roth, Executive Director of Search & Social Media at ABC News John Shehata und natürlich auch viele deutschsprachige anerkannte SEO Experten, wie Christoph Cemper, Karl Kratz und Julian Dziki – alles Teilnehmer beim mittlerweile achten SEOktoberfest. Wo sonst kann man in so einer intimen Atmospähre mit so vielen international anerkannten SEO Experten fachsimpeln und sicherlich auch das ein oder andere Bierchen trinken – nur beim SEOktoberfest!

Gewinne ein Ticket für das SEOktoberfest Charity BBQ

Kein Geld für eine kleine Spende, aber Du willst trotzdem unbedingt beim SEOktoberfest Charity BBQ dabei sein? Hilf uns auf das Charity BBQ und die Charity Auktion aufmerksam zu machen! Blogge über das Charity BBQ und verrate uns in dem Post wieso gerade Du beim Charity BBQ dabei sein solltest! Unter allen Blog-Beiträgen verlosen wir 1 exklusivesTicket für das SEOktoberfest Charity BBQ! Der Gewinner wird ebenfalls am 26.Juni bekannt gegeben!

Ich hoffe, wir sehen uns beim großen SEOktoberfest Charity BBQ! Prost :)

SEOktoberfest VII | The Movie

SEOktoberfest VII has been simply amazing. We are very proud to have raised over 56.000 Euros for the Amazonica Foundation and Münchner Tafel this year @ our annual SEOktoberfest Charity BBQ. Pictures are up on Flickr & here´s this years movie #Enjoy
SEOktoberfest VII – The Movie

SEOktoberfest VII | Quick Recap & Pictures

SEOktoberfest VII has been an absolute blast again. I finally have some pictures for you – I uploaded all the pictures over on my Flickr account #enjoy

Unfortunately there isn´t really anything I can tell you about the event, since our mantra at SEOktoberfest has always been => don´t blog – don´t tweet – don´t tell!

Our annual SEOktoberfest Grand Charity BBQ has raised 56.015 Euros this year! We all finally wanted to break the 50k mark, and since the Charity Ticket Auction "only" raised 47.185 Euros for the 50 exclusive tickets for the Charity BBQ, almost everyone from SEOktoberfest chipped in so we finally surpassed our target of 50.000 Euros in donations. Thank you all so much for chipping in and raising this astonishing amount of donations to two great charities > The Münchner Tafel and the Amazonica Foundation #Mission50k #YouRock

A big thanks goes to our fantastic Charity BBQ sponsors, who made it possible that 100% of all proceeds from the Charity Ticket Auction go directly towards these two fantastic charities! Thank you very much LinkResearchTools, Searchmetrics, Bing, Trustseller, AKOM360 &!

There´s been quite a couple of Charity BBQ recaps this year – if you´re still thinking about if the Charity BBQ is worth a donation, you should definitely check out what these people think about their SEOktoberfest Charity BBQ experience (the recaps are mostly german though…) >

  • Marco: "Irre! Punkt!"
  • Nicolas: "Sessions waren immer zu 110% voll & super interessant"
  • Schulze Weltweit: "Traumkulisse"
  • Clicks: "Geniales und super organisiertes Event"
  • Daniel: "Extrem entspannte Atmosphäre"
  • Mario: "Wirklich top Insights"
  • Marcus: "einige wertvolle Ideen und Inspirationen"
  • Gerald mit vielen Fotos vom Charity BBQ
  • Ned
  • Marcel

I hope to see everyone of you again next year at the Grand SEOktoberfest VIII Charity BBQ :)

But now let me show you my favorite pictures of SEOktoberfest VII ->

seoktoberfest 2014

Jump up if you love SEOktoberfest

seoktoberfest 2014

Great Venue again for the Grand SEOktoberfest Charity BBQ

seoktoberfest 2014

Rickard, Jeroen and Lisa enjoying the SEOktoberfest Charity BBQ Dinner

seoktoberfest 2014

The BlackHat Shed @ The Charity BBQ

seoktoberfest 2014

Aleyda, Queen Carolyn & Michelle #Sisterhood #Strong

seoktoberfest 2014

seoktoberfest 2014

There wasn´t only beer at SEOktoberfest

seoktoberfest 2014

Pretty dope outfit Bob :)

seoktoberfest 2014

Jump up if you love SEOktoberfest

seoktoberfest 2014

Brost! #Brotherhood #Strong

seoktoberfest 2014

Ani, Flo, me & Dan

seoktoberfest 2014

Niels & Team Tandler

seoktoberfest 2014

Tim is enjoying Schützen Festhalle

seoktoberfest 2014

Jochen, Marcus, Cygnus & Jeff love their Kaiserschmarrn

seoktoberfest 2014

Who farted?

seoktoberfest 2014

See you all next year!

Thank you very much Bernd for these great pictures! Check out all the pictures over on my Flickr account

SEOktoberfest Charity BBQ raises 47.185 Euro for Charity

SEOktoberfest VII LogoWOW! Our Grand SEOktoberfest Charity BBQ Charity Auction has ended last friday, and the overall result is just absolutely incredible! We raised 47.185 Euros for Charity!! 47.185 Euros for the 50 tickets we offered to join our exclusive event.

The average ticket price is 943 Euros (!) for a single ticket! Nine generous people even donated over 1.000 Euros for one single ticket with Karl leading the pack with a 5.000 Euro donation! Head of InHouse SEO Marcel took 2nd place with a generous 3.000 euro donation. 3rd place goes to longtime Charity BBQ supporter Pelle, followed by the SearchBrothers Kas & Fili, who are going to raffle of this ticket – stay tuned! Pip, Ralf, Lars, Andor and Sunday Nite have also bid over 1.000 Euros – thank you very much!

The minimum bid has been 625 Euros (!) this year by Justin Taylor – not bad for a minimum bid :-)

Check out the final list with all 50 people that will spend a once-in-a-lifetime event with the whole SEOktoberfest crew in a little less then two months. Congratulations to everyone that made the list!

Both the Münchner Tafel and Mascha from Amazonica are absolutely stoked about this years incredible result! Mascha from Amazonica and Hannelore Kiethe from the Münchner Tafel will also be at the Charity BBQ, so just say hi if you want to know more about what the money will be used for! Since I´m personally involved with both charities I know that all the money is really being used for a good cause.

Thanks so much to everyone who took part in the charity auction!! And thanks to everyone who helped spread the word! We did a little Blogger-Competition this year and there have been quite a couple of posts about the Charity BBQ! And the Winner is… Jackie Hole! Congratulations Jackie, you will spend an awesome day here with us in munich! :-)

Thanks to Julian, Karl, Gerald, Ned, Alex & our winner Jackie for taking part in the Blogger-Competition and helping spread the word!! You guys rock:-)

Another big thanks goes to our incredible Charity BBQ sponsors LinkResearchToolsSearchmetrics, Bing, Trustseller, AKOM360 &! We couldn´t do this without you – thank you all very much!

And last but not least a HUGE thanks to Prof. Dr. Mario Fischer and the No.1 SEO magazine Website Boosting for printing our SEOktoberfest Charity BBQ ad in the last edition of Website Boosting!

Did you miss the charity auction, but desperately want to come to SEOktoberfest? There´s one last chance for a ticket to SEOktoberfest VII -> The annual SEO Scavenger Hunt! Take the challenge to win the ultimately LAST ticket to this years SEOktoberfest incl. 5 nights in a munich hotel and 1.000 Euros extra travel budget! Good luck!!

Endspurt! Morgen endet die SEOktoberfest Charity BBQ Auktion! #Mission50k

SEOktoberfest VII Logo

Nur noch 26 Stunden… morgen, Freitag 8.August, um 17 Uhr endet die Charity Auktion für die 50 exklusiven Tickets für unser alljährliches großes SEOktoberfest Charity BBQ.

Der aktuelle Spendenstand liegt bei 43.360 Euro (!) und damit gerade einmal 772 Euro unter dem letztjährigen Ergebnis von 44.132 Euro. Aber unser diesjähriges Ziel ist es die 50.000 Euro Marke zu knacken! 50.000 Euro an Spenden für 50 Tickets war schon immer unser großes Ziel für das Charity BBQ und ich bin richtig gespannt, ob wir dieses Jahr unser durchaus ambitionierte Ziel erreichen.

Wie jedes Jahr nimmt die Auktion sowieso erst richtig in den letzten 24 Stunden an Fahrt auf, da viele erst einmal abwarten, um den Preis nicht vorschnell hochzutreiben. Aber jetzt geht es um die sprichwörtliche Wurst, denn nur 50 Leute werden am Ende der Auktion, für ihre in der Auktion avisierten Spende, Einlass zum Charity BBQ erhalten und mit allen SEOktoberfest Experten und Teilnehmern einen wunderschönen Tag im Münchner Umland verbringen.

An dieser Stelle noch einmal einen herzlichen Dank an unsere fantastischen Sponsoren LinkResearchTools, Searchmetrics, Bing, Trustseller, AKOM360 und, die es uns ermöglichen 100% der Spendensumme den beiden unterstützenswerten Charity-Organisationen Münchner Tafel und Amazonica zukommen zu lassen.

Vor kurzem wurde unser neuer vom SEOktoberfest gestiftete Kühlwagen feierlich der Münchner Tafel übergeben. Dies ist mittlerweile der zweite dringend benötigte Kühlwagen, der nun mit dem SEOktoberfest & #SEOsForCharity Logo durch München braust, um 18.000 Bedürftige Münchner mit kostenlosen Lebensmitteln zu versorgen. Mein herzlicher Dank gilt allen letztjährigen Charity BBQ Teilnehmern, die dies mit ihren großzügigen Spenden möglich gemacht haben!

Neuer Kühlwagen für die Münchner Tafel

Unser neuer SEOktoberfest Kühlwagen für die Münchner Tafel

Wenn Du noch immer zögerst, während die Uhr unaufhaltsam weiter dem Ende der Charity BBQ Auktion entgegen tickt, dann lies doch einfach mal, was bspw. Julian Dziki über das Charity BBQ zu berichten hat. Auch Karl Kratz hat vor kurzem vom Charity BBQ geschwärmt:

“Non-arrogant, relaxed und freundlich: Da rennt ein Haufen echter Online-Schwergewichte rum. Typen, da passen 50 Karls rein. Locker. Was total cool ist: Keine Spur von Arroganz, hab-grad-keine-Zeit, will-das-nicht-sagen oder ähnlichem. Es ist eine offene, freundliche und total entspannte Atmosphäre”

Auch Search Personality of the Year 2013 – Jackie Hole – fand gestern nur lobende Worte zum Charity BBQ in Ihrem Artikel auf State of Digital:

Having attended, The BBQ is most definitely one of the highlights of the SEO calendar. I met some incredible people, and amazing minds and learned more in 5 minutes than I have in most SEO events and happy to report made some great friends that I hope to see again this year.

Sei auch Du am 24.September beim großen Charity BBQ mit dabei – die Zeit läuft! #Mission50k

SEOktoberfest VI | The Pictures

Finally some pictures from SEOktoberfest VI two weeks ago. I uploaded all the pictures over on my FlickR account #enjoy Here are my favorite ones ->

SEOktoberfest Conference

SEOktoberfest VI

SEOktoberfest VI

iPads for everyone :)

SEOktoberfest VI

1st beer at Ochsenbraterei – Prost Martin

SEOktoberfest VI

My personal highlight was this years SEOktoberfest Charity BBQ at the beautiful La Villa in Starnberg which raised over 44.000 Euros for munich´s local charities Münchner Tafel and the Amazonica Foundation. A fantastic event with a strict "don´t tweet – don´t blog – don´t tell" policy. Thanks so much to our great Charity BBQ sponsors LinkResearchTools, Searchmetrics, 42 Digital, Trustseller and for making this amazing day possible and allowing us to have all donations go 100% towards these both great charities!

O´Zapft is!

SEOktoberfest VI

A great day to relax…

SEOktoberfest VI

… have a chat with like-minded SEOs…

SEOktoberfest VI

SEOktoberfest VI

… or listening to the SEOktoberfest Experts in 4 Power-Panels, like the "Pundits of Search" panel…

SEOktoberfest VI

… or the "inHouse SEO Experts" Panel with Duane from BING, Facebook Head of SEO Ani, Aleyda, William from Disney and Expedia´s Martin MacDonald.

SEOktoberfest VI

Last SEOktoberfest day at Schützen-Festzelt

SEOktoberfest VI

Prost Michelle and Martin :)

SEOktoberfest VI

Prost Aleyda :)

SEOktoberfest VI

Prost Dennis :)

SEOktoberfest VI

Yes, there was an after party as well #LetItRain

SEOktoberfest VI

So jump if you LOVE SEOktoberfest

SEOktoberfest VI

Thanks so much to everyone for making it the best SEOktoberfest ever yet again! Your SEOktoberfest Crew – Marcus, Jan, Flo, Jens & Astrid – see you all next year!

Check out all the pictures from SEOktoberfest VI over on FlickR

Sebastian Weber wins SEO Scavenger Hunt 2013 #SEOktoberfest

We have a Winner!

Congratulations to Sebastian Weber for taking down the SEO Scavenger Hunt 2013!

834 SEOs battled for the last ticket to SEOktoberfest including 5 nights in a munich hotel & 1.000 Euro extra travel budget #wow

Sebastian was well prepared and even blogged some tips how to win the last ticket to the sixths edition of SEOktoberfest. Sebastian came in 2nd last year, winning a 12 months Superhero account for the awesome LinkResearchTools, but came short to win the ticket to last years SEOktoberfest… So this year he was back with a vengeance and was the ONLY person who got ALL 13 questions right! He needed just 38 minutes to complete the SEO Scavenger Hunt. There were people faster then him, but nobody else was able to answer all 13 questions correctly!

Sebastian Weber

Winning the final SEOktoberfest ticket is a dream come true for me! Conference, BBQ, Wiesn and clubbing all rolled in to one sure sounds like one heck of an event, and I’m going to treasure every minute of it. Looking forward to meeting everyone and learning from the best of the best; see you at SEOktoberfest!

Sebastian Weber, Idealo

Welcome to SEOktoberfest Sebastian! The whole SEOktoberfest crew is looking forward to meet you here in munich in just two weeks!

2nd place, worth a 12 months LinkResearchTools Superhero account, goes to Christiaan Bollen from Belgium. 3rd place goes to Razvan Girmacea from Romania!

Big Thanks to everyone who competed in the SEO Scavenger Hunt – I hope it was fun! Another big thanks to Christoph Cemper & his team for organizing this years SEO Scavenger Hunt Challenge again!

Check out the results.

Take up the SEO Scavenger Hunt challenge to win the LAST ticket for SEOktoberfest VI

It´s only 21 days till SEOktoberfest! For the 6th time (!) already SEOktoberfest will take place at Munich´s famous Oktoberfest. All tickets for this years event are long gone and there´re over 80 people on the waiting list for a ticket. All 50 tickets of our annual SEOktoberfest Charity BBQ are long gone as well – we managed to raise the incredible amount of 44.132 Euros(!) for charity this year #WOW

But there´s a LAST chance for a ticket to SEOktoberfest – the annual SEO Scavenger Hunt by LinkResearchTools!

The SEO Scavenger Hunt is the ONLY chance to win the LAST ticket to this years SEOktoberfest! And it´s not only a SEOktoberfest Ticket you´re competing for! LinkResearchTools is pitching in 5 nights in a munich hotel (which is a pain during Oktoberfest in munich…) and 1.000 Euro extra travel budget to get you to munich! A pretty kick-ass first prize:

  • Full SEOktoberfest Ticket (€ 5.000 value)
  • 5 nights in a munich hotel (€ 1.115 value)
  • Extra travel budget (€ 1.000 value)

All in all a 7.115 Euro first prize value (approx. $9.000)!

2nd prize is a 12 months LinkResearchTools Superhero account (€ 3.690 value) and 3rd prize is a 6 months Superhero account (€ 1.845 value).

The SEO Scavenger Hunt for the last ticket to SEOktoberfest starts this thursday, September 5th at 6pm CEST (GMT+2)! The results will be announced on September 7th!

The SEO Scavenger Hunt is made up of 10 typically SEO related tasks that you have to solve and answer as quickly as possible. Here are the rules for this years Scavenger Hunt.

You can also check out what happened last year. 712 people signed up for last years SEO Scavenger Hunt, and over 500 people competed in the challenge for the last ticket to last years event, which was won by Stefan Juhl from Denmark. Stefan needed only 32 minutes last year to answer all 10 questions (average time was slightly over one hour!).

Here´s what Stefan thinks about winning a ticket to SEOktoberfest last year:

Stefan Juhl

"Becoming part of the SEOktoberfest group of people with their incredible wealth of knowledge and attending what is definitely the top SEO event is simply priceless! So I’m obviously really happy that I won the SEO Scavenger Hunt and got to take part in all this."

Stefan Juhl, Signalzoo

It speaks volumes that Stefan bought a ticket for this years event (he´s a featured attendee), after winning his ticket last year. This year we have 18 allumni attendees coming back, 4 (!) of which have been to every single SEOktoberfest event (+ the one-time SEO de Janeiro SEOktoberfest spin-off in 2009).

I´m curious how many people will compete this year and who will be the last person to join our little SEO ThinkTank this year!

Take your chance and compete in this years SEO Scavenger Hunt – it´s free, it´s fun and it´s only going to take one hour max. This event can change your professional life!

Good luck everyone!