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PubCon & a charitable Poker Tournament

Purpose.INC Poker TournamentIt´s that time of the year again -> PubCon Las Vegas is just around the corner! It´s actually the only search conference I´m not speaking at, but still travel to… but it´s just a no-brainer -> It´s VEGAS baby 🙂

It will be my 5th (!) time this year at PubCon – amazing how time seems to be flying by… Maybe you remember my PubCon Las Vegas 2006 – The Movie, which used to be awesome, before YouTube made me loose the soundtrack (it was „Welcome to the Djungel“ by Guns&Roses originally), and have it replaced with some crappy, but non-copyrighted, song. So you can´t hear the interviews anymore, but I´m just to lazy to get it done right again (most of you guys have probably seen it anyways back in the days…).

But what I actually really wanted to blog about is the 2009 edition of the Purpose Inc SEO Poker Tournament at the Mirage Poker Room next thursday! If you don´t know DK, you definetly have to – a great dude, that took the international seo scene in a storm, climbing up to the top of the „most fun guys to hang out with at a search conference“ ladder. He´s also doing an event, you probably have heard of before – ThinkTank in San Diego, an SEOktoberfest-style event, only without Lederhosens and Beer, but with surfing and margaritas 🙂

And well, there´s the famous SEO Poker Tournament during PubCon, which he´s hosting now for the 3rd (?) time already (only this time at the Mirage and not the Venetian anymore). It´s 170 dollars to get in, and 4k are up for grabs (do you remember that Mr. Shoemoney took 2nd place in 2007?) – oh, and you got to blog about a charity to get a seat, and although I´m even mentioned in the post, I´ll still do a quick shoutout 🙂

You probably know the charities I´m involved with ->
– The Münchner Tafel I help about 3 days each month
– The Cinema for Peace Foundation, where I´m sitting on the advisory board
AMAZONICA, who I just recently visited in the equadorian rainforest

Oh, and tomorrow I´ll do something cool as well -> I will hold a charity online-marketing workshop in the german city of Bonn for Aktion Deutschland Hilft and some other charitable organisations! Well, ok – they insisted on paying me for the workshop, but so I lowered my rate to 500 euros, which will go straight to the Münchner Tafel!

So, DK – can I play in the Tournament? I still got a joker up my sleeve -> Yes, I will bring my Lederhosens again 🙂

I won!

Quick PubCon RoundUp & Warren J. still ruleZ

PubCon Las Vegas was a blast! What can I say… like always 🙂
Unfortunatly a lot less germans (only Bastian and Pascal… as well as some strange guys from an unknown SEO Company), but besides germans – just everybody else! Loads of fun hanging out with my best SEO-buddy Bob „Bonebreaker“ Rains (despite the fact he keeps telling that untrue Abercrombie & Fitch story to everybody 🙂 …), Brent, Neil, Chris, Shoe & Dave, the BOTWs, DK (who just rocks!!), Todd, Rand, Stephen, Christoph, Richard, Greg, Mr. Oilman, and so many more… (oh, and John – next time I´ll call you down 🙂 …)

I also got two funny videos – First Shoemoney gettin´ slapped by Jill for a bottle of Dom (sponsored by Bob the Bonebreaker) -> Shoemoney gets slapped

And Neil gettin´ ballslapped by the Bonebreaker himself 🙂

But I had definetly the most fun with his awesomeness Warren J. and the CAP Crew. Warren, John „Douchebag Slapper“ Dang and Lou The Professor Fabiano came to Vegas to watch the fight of the century – UFC 91 – at MGM. And guess who they invited? … 🙂

PubCon 2008 Pic 2

Thank so much guys for taking me out with you! I´ve never been to UFC, and it´s just awesome!!! Although Randy Couture got his ass kicked by Brock Lesnar, it was one of the coolest live events I´ve ever been to! Btw. check out CAP´s new LearningCenter featuring a Q&A section with Bob!

PubCon 2008 Pic 2

But since it´s Warren, we just didn´t watch the fight… we also partied… A LOT!
You may remember Warren from the famous 10.000 dollar party at LAX this summer… and he was back… with a vengance! Here´s the cheque from our first night out @ the famous TAO (by far my favourite club in Vegas) ->

PubCon 2008 Pic 3

And be sure we came back for more the next night 🙂

I also made two quick videos at TAO – since it´s just so unbelievably good! Here´s Part I, and here´s Part II

Everybody Loves Vegas Baby

… cause it´s time for PubCon 2008! I´m flying out to Vegas tomorrow afternoon – yeay!!

If you´ve never watched my PubCon 2006 Video, check it out (and if you already have, just watch it again – it´s awesome and really gets you into the mood for 4 days of PubCon in the city of sins!)

This is actually my 4th year at PubCon, and there´s again so much going on there! Besides some awesome sessions – just to name a few I´m looking forward to this year:

  • Linkfluence : How To Buy Links With Maximum Juice and Minimum Risk
  • Real-World Low-Risk, High-Reward Link Building Strategies
  • Earning Big Bucks With Social Media Traffic
  • Universal and Personal Search – This Changes Everything
  • Affiliate Based PPC Issues and Options
  • Local Search Optimization
  • Top Secret Tools of The Trade
  • Community Hacking – 96 Baiting Strategies You Can Employ

… there´s also some kick-ass events, like the 2nd PurposeInc SEO Poker Tournament at the Venetian, the Fight Club and the famous Webmasterradio.FM SearchBash at Rain @The Palms! I´m also looking forward at meeting… well, everybody… cause everybody´s there 🙂

You´re not coming? No way -> watch the video one more time, get yourself a flight and freakin´ be there! If you really take this business seriously, you just have to be at PubCon! No excuses, no regrets 🙂

Give me your chips!

Just found this picture over at DK´s PurposeINC SEO Poker Tournament Website – a little hint for any of you guys trying to figure out who´s Player Nr.42 in those nice looking lederhosens is 🙂

Las Vegas in Lederhosens

I love winning chips (especially yours´ Mr. Prince :-))
I should make sure to use that picture over at my poker blog!

Mediadonis goes WhiteHat

After having torched basically all of my bad stuff the last couple of month, Matt points out my recent conversion to white-hat SEO by pointing to my new white hat… 🙂

PubCon Las Vegas 2007 - Pic 3

PubCon has really been a blast – I had so much fun hanging around with my friends, party and playing cards (I actually won around 4.000 to 5.000 dollars overall :-)). Can´t wait for SES New York!
Here´re some more random pictures from pubcon

PubCon Las Vegas 2007 - Pic 4
Me, lovely CShel and Brian, don´t call me Baldwin, Prince

PubCon Las Vegas 2007 - Pic 5
My german PubCon Entourage – Michael of CJ Germany, Mani and Christoph

PubCon Las Vegas 2007 - Pic 6
Me and Dick Masterson of

PubCon Las Vegas 2007 - Pic 7
My fellow Canadian and SEORockstar Todd, Oilman, Friesen

PubCon Las Vegas 2007 - Pic 8
Me, SEORockstar 2 Webguerilla and Poker´s mad genius Frank

and there´s more…

PubCon Las Vegas 2007 - Pic 9
PubCon Las Vegas 2007 - Pic 10
PubCon Las Vegas 2007 - Pic 11
PubCon Las Vegas 2007 - Pic 12

I gotta do some quick shoutouts ->
– Thanks to Todd for the awesome tickets for Penn&Teller
– Andy of BuddyTV – was a blast playing poker with you!
– Ben & Erik from ICanHasCheezburger
Patrick Sexton – great to have finally met you!

PubCon Las Vegas 2006 – The Movie

I finally finished cutting the video I filmed at PubCon last month in Las Vegas! I know it took a while, but I hope it was worth waiting for… have fun 🙂

Thanks to all people in the movie, especially Rand, Andy Hagans of Text Link Ads, Yahoo´s Tim Mayer, Adam, Graywolf, Bill, Greg & Brian from Best of the Web, Jake Baillie, Jen, Shawn, Mighty Bob, Matt, Todd, Chris, Jeremy, Dave and last but not least Brett Tabke for the great conference, and Tommy for helping me cutting the video!

digg it!

Back from Vegas

Back again! I´m still a little jetlagged having been on the plane for the last 14 hours (still better then Shawn´s Od(d)ysee). It was such a fun time in vegas! I think I went only to 2-3 sessions, but who cares about the sessions anyways?
I had so much fun hanging around with my friends

Shoemoney – you rock dude!

Greg and Brian from BOTW – you guys really are the Best of the Web!

Dillsmack – the real italian stallion

Shawn – do you miss George, too? 🙂

Mighty Bob from Everest Poker – great to have met you again – you rule!

Adam – thanks for taking all our money 🙂

Dax – you still owe me 10 minutes of my life!

Greg – thanks for the awesome party!

Graywolf – glad to have finally met you in person!

Roger – the God of .edu Linkbuilding

Todd – glad to have finally talked a few words with you!

Daron & Brandy – let´s get seoFM rolling!

Other people I was really happy spending time with: Neil, Bill, Christoph, Jen and CK

Oh, almost forgot:
My Top 5 things I overheard at PubCon:

1. „I gonna molest you like a 12year old boy“ – Skinny Bitch
2. „Where is that antisemtic dealer?“ – unknown
3. „Who´s Greg?“ – stupid girl from findology at greg´s birthday party
4. „All in“ – Dax holding a 7-2 offsuite
5. „What´s double teaming?“ – horny girl asking the italian stallion

And now finally some pictures I took (2 of them are from Shoe – sorry dude, I just had to blog the lederhosen-pictures 🙂 ).
The video will take a while, I hope I finish it until the end of the week – that video will be freaking awesome!

Guy KawasakiThomas and mighty BobChampaign at 12am?Building the BoothBuilding the BoothBuilding the BoothCK from eBay, some crazy dude in Lederhosen, Shoemoney and DillsmackDax and some crazy dude in LederhosenVegas ImpressionsVegas ImpressionsVegas ImpressionsVegas ImpressionsVegas ImpressionsVegas ImpressionsVegas ImpressionsVegas ImpressionsVegas ImpressionsVegas ImpressionsVegas Impressions

More Pictures from Shandyking and Shoemoney

Viva Las Vegas

So, morgen geht es endlich nach Las Vegas! Christoph und Thomas sind glaube ich schon dort, aber da die Konferenz erst Dienstag beginnt, haben wir (ich fliege zusammen mit dem mächtigen Tiktoor) gedacht, dass wir doch erst Montag fliegen, und dann lieber noch ein paar Tage länger bleiben. Wohnen werden wir übrigens im Aladdin Ressort & Casino – ich hoffe mal, dass ich an den Pokertischen vorbeikomme 🙂

Zeit sich mal ein wenig Gedanken zu machen, welche Session man den besucht…
Lustigerweise mache ich mir immer Pläne, gehe dann aber doch so gut wie nie in die Sessions, da es meiner Meinung nach bei den Konferenzen in den Staaten eher ums Networken geht als um irgendwelche Sessions. Irgendwie endet es dann doch immer so, dass man nach der ersten Session morgens spätestens um 11 Uhr mit den Leuten irgendwo ein Bierchen trinken geht bzw. halt komplett versandet… gut, dass wir dank seoFM soviel trainieren 🙂

Aber dennoch schauen wir mal auf die Sessions – „CSS and HTML Coding today“ könnte ganz interessant werden, genauso wie „Link Development and Linking Optimization“ und „Large Scale Bid Management“ (vor allem wegen Aaron von Ebenfalls auf meine Liste kommen „Corporate Mega Site SEO Management“ und „Contextual Advertising Optimization„, dicht gefolgt von „Optimizing your site for higher conversion rates„, „One Page Wonders„, „Forums and Communities: Building and Optimiziation“ und „Forensic und Competetive Intelligence„. Mist, es gibt mal wieder viel zu viele spannende Sachen!

Natürlich bin ich wieder mit Kamera und Mikro bewaffnet! Dieses Jahr nehm ich sogar meinen Camcorder mit – ich plane eigentlich so ein kleines PubCon Video zu drehen – mal schauen, ob das was wird! Lasst euch einfach überraschen 🙂